"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

HoloNet Galactic News Channel 2

"Your First News Source"

"A surviving Baktoid Armor Workshop Droid-Factory was discovered in the Outer Rim Territories, orbiting a Moon in the Dalchon system.   A local Imperial Fleet of the 14th Oversector under the Command of Moff Murquan led the attack. After the destruction of the Droid Control Center, resistance ceased and the Factory was seized. Moff Murquan went on record saying that "Imperial tactics were executed flawlessly and that the Sector is finally rid of the Confederates once and for all."

"Grand Moff Cinzero Gann of the 5th Oversector was invited to Coruscant to receive the Imperial Medal of Valor from Emperor Palpatine at the Imperial Citadel. It was awarded in recognition for the Grand Moff's conspicuous bravery and patriotic character. A parade of ten Imperial Stormtrooper Legions were on hand at the ceremony, as well as a fly-over by Pilots from the "White Cuirass" Elite Fighter Corps." 

"An Aide of the Imperial Senator from the Bormea Sector; Rygus Foln was arrested today at his home on Brentaal IV in the Core Worlds. The Senator's Aide, a career politician of 22 years, is accused of Conspiracy to provide material support to enemies of the Galactic Authority and aiding and abetting criminals within his home. Though he denies the charges; a large supply of spice was found in his home as well as alien criminals, hidden in a sub-level."

"The Corulag Imperial Military Academy celebrates the completion of their new Naval History Library. Grand Moff Wilfurd Therbon, a born-native of the planet gave a rousing speech to this year's Cadets and welcomed them to the new building." 




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