"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

Rumors heard around Blaster Alley...

"... you know better than to trust a strange computer."

"A pod of Rogue Lamproids have taken up residence beneath the sub-structure of the old Garage. A couple of the local Death-stick junkies have been attacked and it is likely that the creatures consider the area to be their territory. Be careful when you go to your Speeder after your shift."

"The local Swoop Gangs have resumed fighting, after a few short years of peace. Hutt Cartel Security isn't doing anything about it, of course. Meanwhile the neighborhood has turned into a shooting gallery!"

"The Galactic Standard Motor Pool & Garage has been filching our customers and ruining our reputation whenever they get the chance. It has been getting personal and business is going elsewhere."

"Expect lay-offs to be coming up next quarter, it will be temporary while the business  self-audits and sets new target goals. Pilots and Mechanics will likely get it worst. Make other plans for employment now if you can." 




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