"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

The Mines of Jhantoria

Silas Oppal
 has sent the team to the humid jungle world of Jhantoria in search of a Chevin Mine Overseer named Rolos. The Besadii Hutt Cartel operates an illegal Durallium mine in the wilds there. The local planetary government knows very little about the venture, due to the efforts of a few corrupt Administrators who are in the Hutt's employ.

The team briefly meets Naadira Calos, a Zeltronian business woman who has fallen out of the graces with Aruk the Great. Naadira is able to gain a private audience with the promise of a lavish gift of gems and material wealth. 

After arriving in Jhantor City Spaceport, the team learns from an Administrator that the mine was attacked several days ago. The local Port Authority are not equipped to deal with the unknown force that defeated the Cartel's enforcers that were posted in the mine. The entire operation is in jeopardy and an Imperial Star Destroyer has been snooping around the system. 

The team takes off in search of the mine. As they approach the coordinates they are attacked by a Proton Missile launcher-team that is hidden in the Jungle. They retaliate with their ship's laser turrets and presumably destroy the weapon. As they land they can see signs of a large battle which took place recently.

The mine was attacked by Iotran Mercenaries from 387th Free Irregulars. Bodies of the Hutt's enforcers are strewn around the mine entrance and a large Y164 Slave Transport is landed nearby. The survivors were pressed into mining the Durallium and many could not keep up a pace that satisfied their new masters.

Inside the mine, Rolos is discovered to have been severely beaten and imprisoned. The Captain of the Iotran Mercenaries is overheard speaking to a woman, presumably over the Holo-Net and she advises him to flee the area and that the Imperials have been notified. The team guns down the last of the mercenaries and rescue a total of 24 miners that were being kept in cells. 

Before leaving they load the last of the mined Durallium ore onto their Freighter and steal the computers and data left at the mine's office.  



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