Anasha Kanaj

"A well-dressed Bith business woman."


Name: Anasha Kanaj, Species: Bith, Gender: Female,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 39, Height: 5’9"",
Weight: 155 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Black (without Pupils),
Skin Color: Pink, Homeworld: Clak’dor VII (Outer Rim Territories),
Alias: “the Hangar Queen”,
Relations: Dipau Kanaj (Uncle), Luwen Kanaj (Father),
Professional Occupation: Business Manager,
Distinguishing Features: Arrogant Strut, Expensive Clothing, Expensive CommLink,
Language Fluency: Bith, Binary, Huttese, Basic, High Galactic, Tionese,
Residence(s): Luxury Apartment (New Vertica City),
Financial Holdings: (Business Manager Wages) Luxury Air Speeder, Allowances from her Uncle Dipua, Luxury Droids, Security Droids, BAMP&G Stockholder, Outer Rim Territories Music Collection,


Anasha Kanaj is the Bith Business Manager at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage. She has reputation for being stingy and making sure that the employees get absolutely nothing for free. She gained her position due to her Uncle, a semi-famous Bith musician named Dipau Kanaj, who owns a fourth of the business. While her Uncle never has any reason to come, Anasha is at work seemingly all the time. Miss Kanaj considers her father Luwen to be a dead-beat even though he has worked downstairs at the Livery Service as a driver for over 20 years, never missing a shift.

Called “the Hangar Queen” by her subordinates; the reference is to any especially high maintenance vehicle that spends a lot of time in the shop. Anasha has expensive tastes and an attitude of entitlement over the dregs and scum that are lucky enough to work in “Her Shop”. She does not fraternize with employees and does her best to forbid entry to unauthorized persons (such as employees friends, family or significant relations), though she is rarely able to. She spends her free-time at the posh Night Clubs and Guild Halls of New Vertica City, almost always accompanied by a bodyguard or security droid.

Anasha does not directly have the power to fire her employees, though she usually gets her way in the end. There are countless ways to get on her bad-side, the worst offensive being any kind of association with her outside of work. Most know to stay away from her, though some have been foolish enough to try and greet her at a club while she was with her friends. She finds this transgression to be unforgivable, and an absolute embarrassment to her good reputation. “Stealing” from the shop is another of her triggers, though her definition of theft is loose and seemingly ever-changing. She doesn’t play favorites, though she certainly seeks to oust undesirables, troublemakers and problem-employees. Her current favorite target is Jantel the perpetually late and seemingly useless Gang-banger who works Security.

Anasha Kanaj

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