Bixel "Bix" Anderon

Ex-Sector Ranger, Freelancer


Name: Bixel “Bix” Anderon, Species: Human, (Coruscantian), Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 42, Height: 6’0",
Weight: 205 lbs, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Blue,
Skin Color: Caucasian, Homeworld: Coruscant (Core Worlds),
Alias: “Bix”, “Crash”, “Crasher”, Relations: Coruscant Security Force (CSF), Corps of Rangers
Professional Occupation: Ex-Sector Ranger, Smuggler, Enforcer, Freelance Pilot
Distinguishing Features: Burns on left shoulder/chest, Slight tremors in left hand
Language Fluency: Basic, Bocce, Rodian, Ubese, Binary
Residence(s): (Flophouse above Blaster Alley)
Financial Holdings: (Indebt to Aruk the Great), (Freighter Pilot Wages)

Randoni Caper (Character Group History)
Human Scoundrel (Character Sheet)


Simple Background (to be fleshed out)

  • Grew up poor. Father was a speeder mechanic. Mother worked at a diner.
  • Grew up being a street ruffian. Petty theft, speeder theft, fencing stolen goods.
  • Mother robbed by some assholes while she was walking home from work, she was beat up.
  • I went out and found the guys and knocked some sense into the and changed my ways.
  • Went to the CSF academy.
  • Worked as a beat CSF cop for years.
  • Promoted to Detective.
  • During a chase caused a 20 speeder pile up. They started calling me crash and I hate it.
  • Got married and had 2 kids.
  • Young son dies of some kind of disease.
  • Buried myself in work and took on a lot of vices. Bad relationship with family.
  • Hard on the marriage and got divorced.
  • Applied to join the sector rangers.
  • Abandoned family and left planet, ex-wife and daughter don’t like me much because of it.
  • Empire takes over, didn’t like how the sec rangers were changing.
  • Left the Sec Rangers with a bang – they dont care for me much anymore.
  • Now I work as a smuggler, muscle for hire and freelance pilot.

Bixel "Bix" Anderon

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