"Clad in distinct white armor with a black padded underlay, the CompForce trooper sneers arrogantly."


CompForce is the military-wing of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order; the Imperial Loyalist Party and Cult of Personality for Emperor Palpatine. CompForce troopers are outside the command structure of the Imperial Army and they are completely loyal to the New Regime and their Emperor. They are often embedded within the Army and Navy as Officer Candidates or as Shocktroopers, though their real purpose is to serve as Political Police that assure that the tenets of the New Order are adhered to.


CompForce has a brutish reputation and they decidedly lack the discipline and polish of professional soldiers. They are well-equipped and recruitment is at all time high. They openly embody the Human-Centric views and Anti-Alien propaganda that is favored by the New Order.



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