"A young Hutt with a strange dark blemish over his right eye"


Name: Durga, Species: Hutt, Gender: Hermaphrodite (Male),
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, Age: 100+, Height: 5’10",
Weight: 950+ lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Reddish-Gold (with Black Slits),
Skin Color: Coppery Tan, Homeworld: Nal Hutta (Huttspace),
Alias: “the Impure”, “the Unworthy”, Relations: Father (Aruk the Great), Uncle (Zavaal), Aunt (Gardulla the Elder), Besadii Cousins, etc,
Professional Occupation: None (Student of Aruk the Great),
Distinguishing Features: Strange dark birthmark, Besadii Clan Tattoo
Language Fluency: Huttese, Tionese, Duros,
Residence(s): None (lives with his father)
Financial Holdings: (Data Corrupted Detected) File Erased?


Durga is the son of Aruk “the Great” Besadii and grandson of Arok “the Smoking Hutt” Besadii, though he has not been formally recognized by the Hutt Ruling Council. At birth he was rejected by the Elders, due to the strange dark blemish covering most of his right eye. His father chose not to discard him as advised, and despite the stigma elected to raise Durga, sensing that one day he would be a Hutt of greatness and wealth. Durga accompanies his father most everywhere that he goes, though by order of the Elders is not permitted to engage in the management of the Clan’s business. Aruk faithfully instructs him nonetheless, perhaps in hopes that the Council will one day deign to change their ruling. Mostly he can be found on the Smuggler’s Moon: Nar Shaddaa, or on the humid swamp-planet below: Nal Hutta.

Durga is treated awkwardly and ostracized by most of Aruk’s associates. He lingers in the background and watches patiently, waiting for his father’s fleeting moments of free time. Aruk isn’t a bad parent, he is just extremely busy and running the most successful Cartel in the Outer Rim Territories. Durga has been denied even the simplest of positions within the Clan on multiple occasions, but Aruk is persistent and resourceful.

Durga has few associates of his own and seems to enjoy his studies, which take up most of his time. Though he is young by Hutt standards, merely a century in age, he is intelligent and thoughtful. The cruelties and mockery by his own people seems not to bother him, or at least he doesn’t dwell on it. A non-Hutt wouldn’t dare to insult Durga or else they would surely suffer the wrath of his father.

There are some rumors abound that Durga isn’t as innocent and loyal as he first appears. What he does outside of the eyes of Aruk’s court is anyone’s guess. Ambition seems to be an inborn trait of the Hutts, and it is infeasible that Durga is comfortable in his current position. These claims are unsubstantiated and were likely started by Aruk himself to encourage his unrecognized and isolated son. Durga sometimes is sent away from court for periods of schooling, for religious ceremonies and for retreats on one of his father’s various estates. He is always well protected and is provided for with the greatest luxuries available.


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