"A thin-framed droid with a worn coppery-brown casing."


Name: EV-9D3, Species: Droid (Class Three), Gender: None (Female Persona),
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, Age: 50+ (?), Height: 6’1",
Weight: 255 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Yellow,
Skin Color: Coppery Brown, Homeworld: Etti IV (Corporate Sector),
Alias: “Ninety-Three”, Relations: None (Unknown)
Professional Occupation: Supervisor Droid
Distinguishing Features: Belligerence, Menacing Voice
Language Fluency: Huttese, Binary,
Residence(s): None, Financial Holdings: (Property of Aruk the Great)


EV-9D3 is a Supervisor Droid at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage and a not-so-secret Spy for the Besadii Hutt Clan Overseers and the Hutt Cartel Security Forces. She is a tireless and unforgiving mistress of the dockyard. She is in charge of the Tools, Droids, Tractor Beams and Cranes. She catalogs the users, calculates their efficiency, and evaluates the condition the equipment was returned in. EV-9D3 is cruel and unrelenting to all droids under her care; the dockyard is efficient beneath her authority. EV-9D3 and MR-LE3 have an ongoing feud, as the old Repair Droid is “Free” and not considered subservient to her.

There is little reason to trust this droid and the residents and employees of Blaster Alley shouldn’t consider anything to be private around her. The facility has numerous recording devices of various sorts tucked away. The Hutts have little incentive to trust every member of this or any business. Intelligence Gathering on a Galactic scale is their way, or at least the appearance of such scrutiny would serve almost the same purpose: to instill a sense of paranoia in their employees and contribute to the mythos of the Hutt’s power. Paranoia aside EV-9D3 has caught thieves and vandals, in the act. She is devious enough to allow the culprits the opportunity to fully engage in or commit to the act, so that there will be no doubt when they come to be judged.


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