Ganks "Gank-Killers"

"Short in stature, the Cyborg is wearing form-fitting armor and moves with unnatural silence."


The Gank-Killers are a mysterious alien race that work for the Hutts. They travel in packs and favor a form of silent communication that is unknown outside their own Species. Some have claimed that it is a form of innate Telepathy, while others surmise it is a feature of their Cybernetic Enhancements. Ganks are exceptionally tight-lipped about the habits of their people. Their race was never fully cataloged by the Galactic Republic and they have resisted many efforts to infiltrate or examine them.


Ganks don’t have social acquaintances and in fact they aren’t a very social sort of people. They are merciless and heartless killers, that serve but one purpose: to hunt down and destroy the enemies of their Masters. No one knows quite how many of them that there are, but Nar Shaddaa seems to be their “Homeworld” or at least the place where they are found in the greatest concentration.

It is not typical for Ganks to attack one another. Gank-Killer Packs work for all the Hutts, in various numbers. Hutts frown on overt intra-Clan violence. When Ganks are forced to do combat with their kin, they take to it with reckless abandon. Testing their skills against others of their own kind is likely seen as a worthy challenge to them.

Ganks "Gank-Killers"

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