Grand Moff Wilfurd Therbon

"A tall gaunt Human with white hair, wearing a military uniform."


Name: Wilfurd Therbon, Species: Human (Corulagian), Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Galactic Empire (12th Oversector), Age: 73,
Height: 6’2", Weight: 185 lbs, Hair: White (worn short),
Eyes: Blue (Pale), Skin Color: Fair (Pale), Homeworld: Corulag (Core Worlds),
Alias: “The Avenger”
Relations: Extended Family on Corulag (Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, etc),
Professional Occupation: Military Officer (High Ranking),
Distinguishing Features: Career Soldier, Very Pale Complexion, Receding Hair,
Language Fluency: Basic, High Galactic, Tionese,
Residence(s): Lantilles III Orbital Station Barracks (Mid Rim), Corulag Luxury Estate (Core Worlds),
Financial Holdings: (Governors Pay Grade) Sienar Fleet Stockholder, Kuat Driveyards Stockholder, Imperial Munitions Stockholder, Property (Corulag, Coruscant),
Star Destroyer Commander: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer “Redoubtable”, Personal Military Shuttle, Personal Escort (Veteran)


A career soldier who served with distinction in the Republic Navy, Alfrud Therbon was born on an industrial world to an affluent family. His father was a politician and the Therbon family profited immensely with their investments in naval vessels and shipyards. He was educated on Coruscant and attended the Republic Military Academy on Corellia. Alfrud was among the top cadets at graduation, having received only a handful of demerits after four years. His instructors credited him with exceptional intelligence and a total understanding of military law, protocol and hierarchy. He was promoted and received commendations several times during and after the Stark Hyperspace War. He was among the youngest humans to ever make Captain of a Republic Warship. The Clone Wars and the fall of the Republic were a dark a bitter time for him. Separatist Droids destroyed many of his family’s shipyards and he lost friends and family to the war. Controversy surrounded some his later battles which look more like reprisals and revenge, than sound tactical decision-making. Commander Therbon ordered his fleets to commence orbital bombardment on alien civilian centers and shipyards. Upon the formation of the Galactic Empire, Therbon was made Grand Moff and any charges against him have been dismissed. He remains an outspoken about exacting additional reparations against Confederate Aliens Species and hunting down their war criminals who are still at large.

The Grand Moff is responsible for a great deal of space to protect and tax. His 12th Army is well-equipped and highly trained. The Maldrood Oversector borders Hutt Space though they don’t currently posture there or patrol the region very heavily. There is some kind of agreement between the Five Families and the local Moffs, some say that they even discretely trade with one another. Imperial ships are not forbidden from travelling through Hutt Space, though the occasion for it is rare. Therbon “the Avenger” is almost universally despised and reviled by non-humans, yet he is also feared greatly. Destructive displays are his forte, he stamps out insurrection and lawlessness wherever it emerges. He is a staunch Palpatine-Loyalist and Human-Supremacist, he has never married.

Grand Moff Wilfurd Therbon

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