"A petite droid with bright, shiny copper-plated casing."


Name: J2-B5, Species: Droid (Class Three), Gender: None (Female Persona),
Political Affiliation: Unaffiliated, Age: 50+ (?), Height: 5’6",
Weight: 255 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Yellow,
Skin Color: Coppery Brown, Homeworld: Rordis City (Nubia),
Alias: “JayTou”, Relations: None (Unknown)
Professional Occupation: Archival Droid
Distinguishing Features: Paranoid
Language Fluency: Basic, Binary, TBD
Residence(s): None, Financial Holdings: (Property of Ailyn Kel Natu)

Archive Droid (Character Sheet)


J2-B5 is an Archive Droid that Ailyn pieced together over the last two years while working at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage. Though assembled from various parts, Ailyn took great care to make the droid look brand new. As a result, J2-B5 appears to have a complex about her appearance and meticulously keeps herself clean and oiled.

J2-B5 assists Ailyn with her tasks working for the Besadii Hutt Clan. J2-B5 sorts through data and helps to manage the small Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage network. She is responsible to flag when equipment has not been returned on time assigns late fees.

The droid is skittish around anyone other than Ailyn, and to an extent R3-QL, and is paranoid that she will be taken away and sold for parts. She tends to stay very close to Ailyn and when left behind complains loudly. J2-B5 avoids EV-9D3 and the other droids at the Garage as much as possible.

Image credit: Scavengers Guide to Droids


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