"A young Devaronian female sporting several tattoos and Swoop Gang-attire."


Name: Jantel, Species: Devaronian, Gender: Female
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, SNVC Swoop-Gangs, Age: 25, Height: 5’11",
Weight: 160+ lbs, Hair: Dark (Dyed, Stylized), Eye: Blue (Pale),
Skin Color: Red, Homeworld: Devaron (Colonies),
Alias: “Street-Fight”, Relations: Unknown (Exiled from Devaron),
Professional Occupation: Dockyard Security
Distinguishing Features: Dragon Tattoo (Black), Facial Piercings, Swoop Gang Clothing & Armor,
Language Fluency: Huttese, Devaronian,
Residence(s): None, Stays with her Gang-Mates locally
Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great)(Dockyard Security Wages) Swoop, Armor, CommLink, Vibro-Knife, Heavy Blaster Pistol


Jantel is a young Devaronian Mercenary who is indebted to Aruk the Great. She works doing Security at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage; a position she loathes. Jantel grew up in the fires of the Clone Wars, she was displaced by the fighting at a young age and became a refugee. The fate of her family is unknown, but she eventually came to live on Nar Shaddaa. Against all odds she survives and thrives, quickly having formed a relationship with the Swoop Gangs of New Vertica City.

Jantel has a serious chip on her shoulder and she seems to enjoy fighting, killing and the exhilaration of high speed. She is lazy, cynical and perpetually bored, so she causes trouble and drama in order to entertain herself. She is highly resistant to authority and she has had problems in the past working effectively with the other Lieutenants. Sias Opaal eventually assigned her to Blaster Alley so that she could cool off, it was supposed to be temporary. Nobody wants Jantel on their crew and with good reason. She’s lucky that she hasn’t been punished for her behavior, others in her position have been disposed of for less.

Jantel has had every sort of problem at work. She has gotten into drag out fights with her many boyfriends and girlfriends. Rival gangers have shot up the Garage trying to target her. She’s caused fights with employees and is notoriously late, drunk or missing. Her pay has been docked and the reports and complaints against her are countless. Despite all this, when the chips are down, she is an impressive Swoop pilot and a tough and fearless brawler in a fight.


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