MR-LE3 "Mister Lee"

"A worn old Repair Droid with bluish-silver casing."


Name: MR-LE-3, Species: Droid (Class Two), Gender: None (Male Persona),
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, Age: 55 (?), Height: 5’10",
Weight: 220 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Red (Sensor Band),
Skin Color: Bluish Chrome, Homeworld: Etti IV (Corporate Sector),
Alias: Mister Lee (close associates), Relations: None (Unknown)
Professional Occupation: Free Repair Droid,
Distinguishing Features: Damaged Casing, Carbon Scoring, Dim Operational Lights, Gruff Voice
Language Fluency: Huttese, Basic, Binary, Mando’a
Residence(s): None, Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great) (Mechanic Pay Grade) Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage Stockholder (Minor), Computer Back-Up, Spare Parts, Repair Tools, Republic Memorabilia,


MR-LE-3; also known as Mr.Lee is an aged LE-Series Repair Droid. A rugged veteran of the Clone Wars, Mister Lee fought on the side of the Galactic Republic and earned his freedom through his Acts of Valor on the field of battle. Though technically a “Free-Droid”, he has found himself deeply indebted to Arok “the Smoking Hutt” and now works at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage (of which he is minor stockholder).

With the disappearance of Arok, by the rule of the Hutt Council his debt became property of Aruk the Great. MR-LE-3 prefers working for the Hutts than the Galactic Empire and he has strong feelings of prejudice towards Ex-Confederates. He speaks with high regards towards the Republic Navy, however he despises Stormtroopers and CompForce. Undoubtedly he came to be around Jedi during the Clone Wars, however he refuses to ever talk about such things. Mister Lee is old and wise, he knows better than to run his vocabulator. His memories are backed-up securely and he has gone without a proper memory wipe for nearly half a century. His programming is slightly corrupted, without a doubt and yet he is very hesitant to see a proper technician about it.

Mister Lee is fearless in battle and will conduct repairs under fire without the slightest hesitation. His personality is gruff and he sometimes has troubles with working alongside “inferior” droid models like labor droids and power droids. He can often be found listening to the Battle Hymn of the Republic and sorting through his Republic Navy memorabilia. He is the sort that can never seem to stay shiny or undamaged, despite maintenance and regular cleaning. He of course conducts his own repairs and keeps all sorts of replacement parts around for emergencies.

MR-LE3 "Mister Lee"

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