Naadira Calos

"A beautiful middle-aged Zeltronian business woman dressed in the latest style."


Name: Naadira Calos, Species: Zeltronian, Gender: Female,
Political Affiliation: Corporate Sector, Age: 42, Height: 6’0",
Weight: 165 lbs, Hair: Purple (with highlights), Eyes: Red,
Skin Color: Pink, Homeworld: Zeltros (Inner Rim),
Alias: Naadi (close associates), Miss Calos,
Relations: None (presumed dead or estranged),
Professional Occupation: Business Agent (Unknown Client),
Distinguishing Features: Designer Clothing (Core Worlds), Expensive Jewelry, Cosmetic Make-Up, Luxury CommLink
Language Fluency: <(Language Mastery) Huttese, Basic, High Galactic, Tionese, Old Corellian, (additional languages likely)
Residence(s): Luxury Apartment: Bonadan (Corporate Sector), Luxury Estate: Thyferra (Inner Rim),
Financial Holdings: (estimated between 10-20 million galactic credits) Genetech Stockholder, Synthtech-Medtech Stockholder, Biotech Industries Stockholder, Baudo-Class Space Yacht, Luxury Air Speeder, Art Collection, Private Museum Collection, Proto-Civilization Library, Precious Metals & Gems, Wardrobe, Jewelry Collection, Droids


Naadira Calos is a Zeltronian business woman with a sorted reputation. Her past is a mystery and nothing about her childhood on Zeltros is on any official record. She may have been orphaned and grew up outside the system, or she was able to have her official records erased. Though most of her dealings are completely legal, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty or tread on dangerous ground. She frequents known Shadowports and takes great care not to get involved in any kind Imperial entanglements. Miss Calos has interest in the traffic of ancient artifacts, old historical tomes and rare original artworks. As a Zeltronian, Naadira makes good use of her natural gifts and so she has a large network of contacts and clients. Naadira is “friends” with a number of Corporate Viceprex’s, notorious Crime-Lords and ambitious Nobles from all across the Galaxy.

Recently she took on a single-wealthy patron-client and she has upped her professional appearances quite a bit. The details of her employer’s identity are secret, but she has had several private audiences with the Besadii Hutt Clan concerning a pending business arrangement. She wears expensive bronzium necklaces and rare jewels, her clothing is the top designer fashions from the Core Worlds. Naadira travels in a new one of a-kind chromium-plated Baudo-Class Space-Yacht and has a team of fearsome Yaka-Cyborg bodyguards along with her; wherever she travels. It is hard to speculate how much she is worth, what is her own through purchase and what was gifted to her by admirers.

More than one powerful suitor has attempted to win her as their own, but alas monogamy and heterosexuality is not the Zeltronian way. Miss Calos has been on every side of the law and she seems perfectly capable of reinventing herself whenever it becomes necessary. She has worn many hats including: corporate agent, lawyer, information broker, spy, legitimate merchant, illicit smuggler and diplomat. Zeltronians are reputably capable combatants, however Naadira Calos seems to avoid overt, distasteful or violent methods. She’d rather make friends and establish customers, than gain enemies. Her new motto is simply “Death is bad for business.”

Naadira Calos

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