O'Garn, Son of O'Gar

An older, highly scarred and worn-out looking Weequay wearing religious vestments and ceremonial armor.


Name: “O’Garn”, Species: Weequay, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 52, Height: 6’2",
Weight: 160 lbs, Hair: None (Bald, typically wears a wig), Eyes: Golden,
Skin Color: Dark Tan, Homeworld: Sriluur (near Hutt Space),
Alias: Weequay have no name, “Son of O’Gar” is a cultural honorary, Relations: O’Gar (Father?)
Professional Occupation: Hutt Cartel Lieutenant-General,
Distinguishing Features: Highly Religious, Superstitious, Revered Status (among his Warriors)
Language Fluency: Huttese, Weequay communicate with one another through pheromones,
Residence(s): Sriluur Temple Quarters, Nar Shaddaa Barracks Quarters
Financial Holdings: (Unknown Holdings) (Lieutenant-General Pay Grade) Ceremonial Armor Collection, Ceremonial Weaponry Collection, Mounts, Military Equipment, Religious Library, Slaves, Spice


The name O’Garn was given to a particularly successful and nasty Weequay Zealot. O’Garn is loose Huttese-slang dialect for Son of Gar or Son of O’Gar. This legendary Weequay warrior was said to be blessed and his descendants carry that “gift”. Whatever truth to these stories and cultural nuances: O’Garn takes it all very seriously. Perhaps to his own detriment at times.

O’Garn is old for his position, but he is still a tough and highly capable combatant. The Besadii Hutt Clan have been more or less pleased with his service in one form or another for going on two decades. The Besadii have great respect for religion and practitioners of the faith (especially when the ones being venerated are themselves). The particular Cult of Quay which O’Garn belongs preaches strict subservience to the Hutts.

O’Garn is cruel and sees things in black and white. He will not undertake what he sees as Unholy actions, unless perhaps under great distress. The Weequay’s concept of morality is harsh and skewed by their sorted past and rugged Home-World. O’Garn is fearless and takes any opportunity to prove that his personally-made portents and omens are validated.

O’Garn can assemble an impressive amount of personnel for his Hutt Masters. Enough even to crew large warships and field ground armies, although both are extremely rarely called for. Mostly the Weequay find employment as Guards, Pirates and Mercenaries.

O'Garn, Son of O'Gar

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