Puskha "the Greater"

"A sleazy looking Dug wearing a Mechanics Suit that is covered with grease."


Name: Puhkha, Species: Dug, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 40 (?), Height: 4’9",
Weight: 195 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Yellow (Black Pupils),
Skin Color: Tan (Dark), Homeworld: Malastare (Mid Rim),
Alias: “the Greater” (a family title),
Relations: Sons (x3) all named Puskha (The Lesser, The Younger, The Youngest), Prosco (Nephew),
Professional Occupation: Chief Mechanic,
Distinguishing Features: Shady Demeanor, Bully, Grease Stains, Mechanics Clothing, Language Fluency: Dug, Binary, Huttese, Residence(s): Rents a small apartment & garage space in the south-side of New Vertica City,
Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great) (Chief Mechanic Wages) Speeder Bike, Repair Tools, Mechanics Clothing, Blaster Pistol, Vibro Dagger, CommLink


Puska the Greater is a vile Dug with a bad attitude, which is likely why his mate left him with three children. Puskha is far more humble now that he has to work for a living to keep his brood from starving. He used to live a life of recklessness and insobriety, now he can barely make ends meet. Not much is actually known about his exploits or early years, there is likely little to tell. Puskha used to be the definition of slime, he was addicted to half a dozen chemicals and involved with degenerates. He is a speeder pilot of some talent or at least he was; age and mistreating his body has taken him down a few pegs.

He was very lucky to land a job as Chief Mechanic at the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage. Despite his attitude, he is a resourceful mechanic. Puskha is a harsh taskmaster, he drives all the employees and underneath him to work to the best of their abilities. He will berate any slacking or lazy workmanship. Puskha stands to lose much if the work that comes out of the Garage is substandard. He won’t allow it and he often stays for extra long shifts or volunteers to complete work himself. Though it is also likely he is trying to avoid raising his obnoxious Dug children, who sometimes are around the shop.

Puskha recently acquired another child; from his half-brother: Prosco the Greater; who died in a pod-racing crash. Pushka’s nephew is a little older and pitches in around the Garage. He is apprenticing to become a Mechanic and he is currently trying to gain Guild Membership with the Corellian or Durosian Shipwrights. His education is quite expensive and Puskha has been forced to take out another loan from Aruk the Great. Puskha’s financial situation is desperate and he knows that he can’t leave Nar Shaddaa. His only hope is to make Blaster Alley turn a profit in the next couple of quarters. Otherwise he will likely be sent to Kessel or some other gods awful place.

Puskha "the Greater"

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