Rott Okk

"A muscle-bound and scarred Gamorrean of exceptional girth."


Name: Rott Okk, Species: Gamorrean, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 32, Height: 6’0"",
Weight: 335 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Yellow (One Chrome Cybernetic),
Skin Color: Mottled Green, Homeworld: Gamorr (Outer Rim Territories),
Alias: “the Butcher”, Relations: Unknown (No Clan Affiliation),
Professional Occupation: Trophy Bodyguard
Distinguishing Features: Facial Scars, Intimidating Size, Cybernetic Eye
Language Fluency: Gamorrean, Huttese,
Residence(s): Gamorr Fortress Estate (Outer Rim Territories),
Financial Holdings: (Elite Body Guard pay) Gladiator Winnings, Ancient Weapons Collection,


Rott Okk is a Gladiator Champion who has fought on Kessel, the Wheel and the arenas of the Bootana Hutta Sector. While he is not undefeated, his record is impressive and he has survived surgery after surgery and partial cybernetic reconstruction. The Besadii Clan keeps the old Gamorrean on as a Trophy Bodyguard and to keep the younger Gamorreans in line. Rott Okk’s days of fighting for a sold-out audience may be over, but he is still a rarely gifted killer. There are certain fans of blood-sport that claim Rott Okk is a repeated cheater, having made use of every trick in the book to secure his victories. This seems absurd because Gamorreans are not known for possessing guile or patience enough for complicated plotting. Rott Okk has always been managed and surrounded by non-Gamorreans; which may be more telling of the truth of the matter.

Rott Okk personality is volatile and he is easily annoyed by things like people not heaping praise on him and not buying him drinks. He is as egotistical as a Champion might ever possibly be or ever have been. He likes to be intimidating and give others cause to fear him. Aruk the Great often calls on him to perform executions; which Rott Okk will gleefully carry out with his trusty Vibro-Axe.

Rott Okk

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