SD Captain Cerlos Vond

"An older Human gentleman wearing a military uniform"


Name: Cerlos Vond, Species: Human (Denonian), Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Galactic Empire (12th Oversector), Age: 58,
Height: 5’11", Weight: 175 lbs, Hair: Grey (worn short), Eyes: Blue,
Skin Color: Fair, Homeworld: Denon (Inner Rim),
Alias: “the Old Gladiator”
Relations: Extended Family on Denon (Father, Mother, Uncle, etc),
Professional Occupation: Military Officer (Low Ranking),
Distinguishing Features: Career Soldier, Lacks Human-centric views,
Language Fluency: Basic, High Galactic, Binary, Duros, Ryl, Huttese,
Residence(s): Columex II Orbital Station Barracks (Outer Rim), Denon Luxury Apartment (Inner Rim),
Financial Holdings: (Captains Pay Grade) Imperial Munitions Stockholder, Property Shares on Denon,
Star Destroyer Captain: Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer “Convictor”, Personal Military Shuttle, Personal Escort (Regular)


Born on the labyrinthine urban world of Denon, Cerlos Vond was raised by Republic loyalists and shipped off to academy on Corellia as soon as he was of age. Cerlos had a fine career, eventually earning promotion to the rank of Captain. At the end of the Clone Wars he was given command of an aging and obsolete design: the Gladiator-Class, which he took as a personal insult to his service. Captain Vond has had a chip on his shoulder ever since, often jumping at any chance to prove himself worthy of promotion or at least reassignment. Cerlos lacks the Human-centric views of the New Order, growing up on Denon he learned to speak several languages and even retains some close friends who are non-Human. (related file not found)

The Convictor stalks the hyperspace lanes looking for a fight. If Captain Vond so much as suspects action he will pounce on anything within the vicinity of his jurisdiction. A number of spacers, pirates and smugglers have run afoul with the Old Gladiator, it is no easy thing to escape his dedication. A professional through and through, he often surprises those under his command with his grace and sense of pride in his duty. Captain Vond never flinches and carries himself like an Officer should at all times.

His Commanding Officer is Grand Moff Alfurd Therbon. The 12th Oversector Army or “Maldrood Sector” is named “The Cerulean Spear”, and the officers of its Stormtrooper Corps sometimes wear Cyan stripe-markings, mantles or pauldrons on their armor to designate their authority.

SD Captain Cerlos Vond

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