Sister S'swon

"A beautiful young Twi'lek wearing the vestments of a Priestess"


Name: S’swon, Species: Twi’lek (Lethan), Gender: Female,
Political Affiliation: Religious Cultist, Age: 35 (?), Height: 5’8",
Weight: 150 lbs, Hair: Brown (Eyebrows, Body Hair),Eyes: Brown, Skin Color: Red, Homeworld: Ryloth (Outer Rim),
Alias: “Sister” (religious title),
Relations: Nepsis VIII Cultists, Refugee Families,
Professional Occupation: Medical Staff,
Distinguishing Features: Priestess Vestments, Calm Demeanor, Soft-spoken,
Language Fluency: Huttese, Basic, Ryl, (unknown language proficiency),
Residence(s): None, Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great) (Medical Staff Wages) Medical Supplies & Tools, Religious Effects, Droids,
Pet: Nexu Pup “Xim”


Sister S’swon is an avowed pacifist and practitioner of “The Sacred Way”; a hokey religion found all about the Galaxy. She was born on Nepsis VIII (also called Space-City), an ancient and epic space structure which is located in the Auril Sector. The Rise of the Galactic Empire has all but cut off her homeworld, which has been labeled heretical and associated with the Jedi Order. It has been mostly abandoned, but certain faiths have practiced there for centuries and consider Nepsis VIII to be a holy place. S’swon has not been home in years and she mourns the destruction and pilferage of the Imperials. Many of her faith were slain, or taken to Imperial Detention or Labor Camps.

Sister S’swon is a very open-minded healer, having seen with her own eyes Ithorian Herbalism and Dathomiran Witch remedies work miracles. She is perhaps under-educated on matters of surgery and frowns upon cybernetic augmentation. She relies mostly on droids to perform the more gruesome operations. The galaxy is a strange place and the ways to restore one’s health are many. The Sister has a very soothing nature and her voice and prayer-songs are both chilling and touching. Many call her “wise beyond her years” though the truth is that she is a very widely-read scholar and she studied with several wizened masters of her faith.

S’swon became indebted to Aruk the Great through her acts of charity and by begging the Hutt for aid to go to the refugees amassing on Nar Shaddaa. At great personal cost; S’swon arranged for an abandoned precinct in the Duros Sector to re-purposed for housing the refugees. Their economic ties to the greater community are still in the infant stages, but S’swon gave those people a fighting chance at the expense of her own freedom. Red-skinned or “Lethan” Twi’leks are quite rare and Aruk the Great needs only to patiently wait until S’swon’s debts make her his property. Despite her advanced medical training, S’swon tends to give her services away to those who cannot afford it. Her fearless personality gets her into danger, but her generosity has made her many friends and allies.

Sister S'swon

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