"Stonewall" Logriz

"A hulking Dashade with a menacing sneer on his face"


Name: Logriz, Species: Dashade, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 75+, Height: 6’8",
Weight: 365 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Red,
Skin Color: Brown, Homeworld: Unknown,
Alias: “Stonewall”, Relations: Unknown,
Professional Occupation: Bounty Hunter (Bonded),
Distinguishing Features: Intimidating Appearance, Hulking Size, Sinister Glare, Dark Reputation,
Language Fluency: Huttese, Dashadi, Binary,
Residence(s): Unknown (Transient Lifestyle),
Financial Holdings: (Elite Bounty Hunter Wages) Cutlass-9 Starfighter “Deliverance” , Droids, Weapons, Trophies


Stonewall Logriz is an infamous Outlaw turned Bounty Hunter. He has a reputation of surviving hellishly intense fire-fights. How Logriz survives isn’t a total mystery; he makes use of ingenious methods such as personal shields and blaster-resistant materials in his armor. Logriz often has the edge on his prey, which has included some of the galaxies most dangerous individuals. Jedi, Mordukai, Darkside Marauders, Mandalorians; Logriz has brought them all to heel. His methods are not honorable and he cares very little for collateral damage and civilian casualties. Provided the proper payment Logriz will be whatever his client desires: a Terrorist, a Commerce Raider, a Retrieval Expert, an Assassin. Morality is a weak-minded illusion, like the Hutts, Logriz likes to play outside the rules.

The Dashade are a something of a myth in the galaxy, their homeworld was destroyed long ago. They are scattered surely, but their fearsome reputation persists. Logriz seems to be atypical of his kind, he is drawn to violence and conflict. Aruk the Great delights in having the Dashade’s services on permanent retainer. Logriz performs all the dirty-work that the Beshadii can dream up, he is seeped in darkness and has no known associates.

"Stonewall" Logriz

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