Zavaal Besadii

"A large elder Hutt with leathery tan skin and red eyes"


Name: Zavaal Besadii, Species: Hutt, Gender: Hermaphrodite (Male),
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, Age: 750+, Height: 6’4’,
Weight: 1550+ lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Red (with Black Slits),
Skin Color: Mottled Tan, Homeworld: Nal Hutta (Huttspace),
Alias: “the Pious”, Relations: Father (Arok the Smoking Hutt), Brother (Aruk the Great), Besadii Sisters, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, etc,
Professional Occupation: Crime Lord,
Distinguishing Features: Besadii Clan Tattoo, Red Eyes,
Language Fluency: (Data Corrupted Detected),
Residence(s): (File Removed),
Financial Holdings: (Data Corrupted Detected) File Erased? (Retry? Y/N)


Zavaal Besadii is the right hand of Aruk the Great and a Hutt of great individual accomplishment. He is interested in the History of the Hutt Empire and somewhat of a Hutt-supremacist. Zavaal has little regard for lesser beings and he seems deeply observant of Hutt ceremonies and holidays. He is called the Pious because he avoids gorging himself in the vices that consumes others of his species and because he prefers to observe archaic practices and forgotten ceremonies.

Zavaal has interests in <edit> Corporation, including <edit> and their subsidiaries. He sits on the Board of Directors through Proxy in more than one Corporation. Zavaal’s wealth (Data Corruption Detected)(Retry?Y/N)

Zavaal oversees many of Aruk the Great’s operations and he is an elder adviser of the Besadii Clan. It is difficult to determine sometimes where one’s holdings end and the others begins. (Virus Detected)(Abort?Y/N)

Zavaal Besadii

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