"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

Rumors heard around Blaster Alley...
"... you know better than to trust a strange computer."

"A pod of Rogue Lamproids have taken up residence beneath the sub-structure of the old Garage. A couple of the local Death-stick junkies have been attacked and it is likely that the creatures consider the area to be their territory. Be careful when you go to your Speeder after your shift."

"The local Swoop Gangs have resumed fighting, after a few short years of peace. Hutt Cartel Security isn't doing anything about it, of course. Meanwhile the neighborhood has turned into a shooting gallery!"

"The Galactic Standard Motor Pool & Garage has been filching our customers and ruining our reputation whenever they get the chance. It has been getting personal and business is going elsewhere."

"Expect lay-offs to be coming up next quarter, it will be temporary while the business  self-audits and sets new target goals. Pilots and Mechanics will likely get it worst. Make other plans for employment now if you can." 


HoloNet Galactic News Channel 2
"Your First News Source"

"A surviving Baktoid Armor Workshop Droid-Factory was discovered in the Outer Rim Territories, orbiting a Moon in the Dalchon system.   A local Imperial Fleet of the 14th Oversector under the Command of Moff Murquan led the attack. After the destruction of the Droid Control Center, resistance ceased and the Factory was seized. Moff Murquan went on record saying that "Imperial tactics were executed flawlessly and that the Sector is finally rid of the Confederates once and for all."

"Grand Moff Cinzero Gann of the 5th Oversector was invited to Coruscant to receive the Imperial Medal of Valor from Emperor Palpatine at the Imperial Citadel. It was awarded in recognition for the Grand Moff's conspicuous bravery and patriotic character. A parade of ten Imperial Stormtrooper Legions were on hand at the ceremony, as well as a fly-over by Pilots from the "White Cuirass" Elite Fighter Corps." 

"An Aide of the Imperial Senator from the Bormea Sector; Rygus Foln was arrested today at his home on Brentaal IV in the Core Worlds. The Senator's Aide, a career politician of 22 years, is accused of Conspiracy to provide material support to enemies of the Galactic Authority and aiding and abetting criminals within his home. Though he denies the charges; a large supply of spice was found in his home as well as alien criminals, hidden in a sub-level."

"The Corulag Imperial Military Academy celebrates the completion of their new Naval History Library. Grand Moff Wilfurd Therbon, a born-native of the planet gave a rousing speech to this year's Cadets and welcomed them to the new building." 


Rumors heard around Nar Shaddaa...
"I don't trust him either! But... he is my friend."

"Any aliens species that fought with or sided for the Confederacy during the Clone Wars has to face some pretty harsh penalties. Ships are being confiscated and some spacers are disappearing completely. There is talk of non-humans leaving the known regions of space to escape their bounties."

"Gank Killers are out in force on the Smugglers Moon. The Hutts don't usually let them have so much free reign, but all of Hutt Space is changing with the Rise of the Galactic Empire. There is legitimate reason for the Hutts to fear assassination, the Gank Killers are meant to protect the more fragile parts of their operations in this time of uncertainty."

"Grand Moff Therbon has met with the Besadii Clan Elders on several occasions. The 12th Oversector Army; called the Cerulian Spear has given Hutt Space a very wide berth, but at what cost? Surely the Galactic Empire has nothing to fear from the Hutts and yet their presence and patrols are very scarce."

"Most don't notice, but the infighting that resulted after the disappearance of Arok the Smoking Hutt has only gotten worse. Aruk the Great has taken over, though some believe that he is the one responsible for his elder's disappearance. Aruk allows no one to smoke in his presence, in respect for the deceased."

"Aruk has many rivals but his greatest is the entire Desilijic Hutt Clan. So far Aruk has fended them off remarkably and even embarrassed them. Some say it was a foolish mistake, others claim it goes to prove he really is "the Great Hutt of Our Time."

"The Bounty-Hunter Stonewall Logriz has been busy lately. Aruk's consolidation of power within the Besadii Clan remains in question. An animosity is growing with Gardulla the Elder, Aruk's sister."

"Naadira Calos is playing a dangerous game. Her insistence on keeping her Employer a secret in hurting her chances of doing business with the Hutts. She is wearing out her welcome."

"There was some kind of attack on a temple in the Little Kintan District. It is the second-such attack, following the killings at the temple of Quay in New Vertica City, three days ago. The local Weequay and Nikto are outraged and beg the Hutt's for Justice. So far no one has claimed responsibility."

"The Red Sector is a place where one can get their hands on pretty much anything they desire; for a price. Nothing is off-limits; illegal weapons, slaves, dangerous beasts, military equipment, explosives, etc, it is all for sale. This part of the Smuggler's Moon gets rough, so be careful."

"Sias Opaal will soon be replaced as Chief of Lieutenants in the Besadii Clan. Though he has done fine work, he has failed to find out what has become of Arok "the Smoking Hutt". He failed to protect his former Master and no one can avenge him."

"The Duros Sector has fallen on hard times. The Ex-Confederate Corporations had many of their assets seized, and the once prosperous part of Nar Shaddaa is starting to look like a ghost town. The Duros Shipwright's Guild is still open, but mostly you only see refugees around that part of the Smuggler's Moon."



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