"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

It's a TRAP!!!

Showdown on Coruscant

The crew seems to have put their house back in good order and they are looking to continue their search for the Corusca Gems. Sister S'swonn is back in the medical bay with a bill of clean health and the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage was financially rescued. Sias Oppal sends information to Bixel Anderon concerning the museums located on Coruscant. The idea is that the crew would go to the Imperial Capital City and visit the Imperial Palace Campus to ascertain where exactly the gems on display are kept. Rumor has it that the actual show-pieces themselves are merely replicas. 

Arden Jeht travels with Darius Bel to one of the Hutt Cartel Security Mainframes where she hopes to dig up more information about the Kubaz Slicer. When they arrive they find it difficult to gain entry, though eventually they pressure their way inside, by threatening to call Sias Oppal and just have him authorize their visit. Inside they both see the Kubaz being repeatedly tortured to death by droids and they meet the Trandoshan administrator. Though it is obvious that he dislikes humans he permits them to look around the files that the Kubaz tampered with. Arden eventually comes to believe that the Trandoshan has matters under control. Arden looks through the data files of all the Besadii Hutt Cartel Lieutenants, though she sees no leads concerning the search for the Gems. 

In the hangar Golwoch approaches his Lieutenant; Bixel, and all but demands to be brought along. The Quarren brute is looking rather stylish in his new Black synthetic leather space-suit. Bix argues with him for a bit and resents his persistence. When it is revealed that the Crew intends to head to Coruscant, the Quarren immediately withdraws his offer to go and hastily finds another place to be. They leave Nar Shaddaa along with Teri the Ugnaught and the Twi'lek Slave that was purchased by Grandfather. There was some argument over whether the crew need take their own YT-2400 Freighter, or take the shop's YT-1300 Freighter. Despite the additional risk, they decide that their own ship is better suited to their needs. 

After 25 hours and three Hyperspace Jumps the crew arrives in the Core Worlds and the Imperial Captial of Coruscant. They see to their horror a full scale Imperial Super-Star Destroyer in orbit, a vessel that Salmeth Chejel and Darius had only heard about in rumor. They knew there were going to be bigger Star Destroyers in production, though they never dreamed they would be so large.  

During their voyage to the surface, following the rigid traffic pattern, Bixel Anderon sees a vehicle of the Coruscant Security Force and he cannot resist privately sending queries to his old buddies in the force. He quickly gains information about his wife, Luna who is using her maiden name now. She recently had a parking infraction with her Airspeeder and had to appear in Court. It seems that she still lives near Imperial City. He considers whether he should pay her a visit after seeing to the museum.

The crew lands just outside the Campus in a large Starport, they are given Docking Bay 39. Almost immediately after exiting the ship, Arden Jeht and Salmeth Chejel notice that something is wrong and they get a very bad feeling. The docking bay is empty of several items that should be present, such as power droids and fuel lines. Like it had been stripped of them. Bixel approaches the loan Star-Port Authority Officer and immediately he can tell that the young man is terrified. He stammers that "the crew is being held for inspection" and shakingly hands over a Datapad so that Bix can begin putting down his information. Down the hall, the sound of rapidly approaching feet and moving armor alerts the crew. Grandfather exclaims that "this human is about to shit himself" calling on his Species ability to discern emotions. 

Stormtroopers of the dreaded 501st Legion appear in force, led by one of their loathsome Commanders. They are supported by a Stormtrooper Heavy Weapons Support Squad armed with Heavy Repeating Blasters and a pair of Imperial Army AT-ST Walkers. Also in attendance is a Trio of Stormtroopers clad in strange metallic black armor and Commander Rein Bel, the father of Darius Bel. The crew is very lightly armed, having planned to obey the law and blend in, not take on an entire Combined Arms Company. 

Commander Rein bellows at his troops "Set your weapons to stun, I want them taken alive!"

Grandfather roars and modifies his normal Blaster Pistol on the fly, the result is a Baragwin Repeating Blaster Pistol which sprays down the front ranks of the oncoming Stormtroopers. The crew tries to fight their way back to the ship and Bixel Anderon throws the Datapad at the fleeing Port Authority Officer. Arden Jeht's droid R3-QL produces a Heavy Blaster Pistol from a hidden compartment, which she then hands to Salmeth. Darius sprints back up his ship's ramp and rips open the hidden Smuggling Compartments to get at his weapons. Teri the Ugnaught draws his Blaster Pistol and guns down a front rank Stormtrooper. He seems unreasonably excited and happy to be on an adventure, apparently not realizing the scope of the bad situation. 

Salmeth fires the weapon but he is suddenly greeted with a vision of the near future. He sees that this is the end. He sees Grandfather gunned down and Bixel Anderon laying unresponsive on the floor. The disturbing vision is unwelcome and coming true all too soon. 

The Stormtroopers fire on the crew, hitting several times with their weapons set on stun. The slow moving Grandfather outside his Heavy Powered Armor is hit several times and Teri falls unconscious on the Docking Bay Floor. Bixel picks him up and his Pistol and makes for his ship's ramp, firing the entire time. Darius takes cover in the cargo bay and launches a Fragmentation Grenade into the tightly packed Support Squad. Grandfather howls in pain and is shot several more times. The AT-ST fires on their ship, although its armor withstands the punishment from the Assault Cannons.

Salmeth knows that the crew will likely die here, if not by fighting, then soon after. He sees no other way than to surrender, at least by that path, they will live… at least a little while longer. Reluctantly the crew lowers its weapons and obeys the orders of the Stormtroopers to drop their weapons and lay face-down on the floor. The troopers form a perimeter around them and they all aim their weapons at their surrendering opponents. They scream obscenities at Salmeth and Grandfather and Commander Rein folds his arms across his chest in victory. 

Above them the Docking Bay Roof Doors begin to slowly slide shut and an impending sense of dread falls over them. 

Suddenly the Roof explodes and shrapnel and flaming bits of Durasteel and Plastcrete rain down. A massive Turbolaser Battery opens up from above into the Docking Bay Corridor, smashing the Stormtrooper force and scattering them to take cover. It is chaos as everyone of them is looking up to meet the new threat. Commander Rein dives to cover as the lead AT-ST takes damage in the exchange. Darius is able to briefly look up and see a sleek black Corvette Class Capitol Ship coming out of its Stygian Cloaking Field. This strange ship's lasers shred the roof enough to give them a chance at escape. 

The crew sprints for dear life, given such an ample distraction they all make it back aboard and immediately lift off. Two of the Black-clad Stormtroopers manage to make it aboard by jumping up and latching onto the ramp as it was lifting back into position. They immediately stun Grandfather and make to take over the ship one room at a time. Arden Jeft opens the Smuggling Compartment retrieving her own  CR-1 Blast Cannon. Their speech is being run through some kind of scrambler, so she can understand them. She trades shots with them and guns them both down in the ship's airlock and ramp, severely damaging it in the process. Their gear and equipment is unlike anything she has ever seen, obviously it is some of the most advanced technology in the Empire.

Bixel Anderon receives a hailing frequency from the Corvette and to his disbelief Naadira Calos is on the other end. She bids for him to head to Hyperspace and then her ship begins to clear the way of TIE Fighters which have suddenly appeared on the scene. As soon as he is able, Bixel punches it for the first System, any System which comes to mind, Corellia. 

These special Stormtroopers were carrying Advanced Stun Carbines, although they are Bio-metrically slaved to the individual it was issued to.  The computer systems they are carrying and even their helmets are protected with encryption to a frightening degree. Arden Jeht knows she will likely need the aid of the Bothans to decipher their orders and their equipment's programming. They are both well developed human adult males which have undergone heavy cybernetic augmentation which includes an internal combat-drug dispenser. 

After a very brief visit to the Corellian System, the crew immediately makes for Nar Shaddaa, wasting not a single second. The arrival home is bitter, they come to realize that Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage has been raided by the Imperial Garrison and all the employees have been arrested and taken to Imperial Detention. They briefly visit Aruk's Palace but they are told by the Weequay Guards to leave immediately and go to Boz Pity, a planet located in the "northern" region of Hutt Space. Sensing that the Weequay are genuine in their good intentions, the crew leaves immediately. 

Boz Pity is the remote and forgotten world of a species of Giants which lost their rebellion against the Hutts. It is a world of fantastic ruins and caves, that is perfect for hiding out. The crew waits there for three days before they are visited by Sias Oppal and his most loyal guards. He hailed them using a coded frequency employed by the Hutts and then flew down in his Star Yacht to meet with them in person. 

They all catch up on recent events. Sias swears he did not betray the Crew, though he was not the only one who knew where they were going. He tells them that Anasha Kanaj, Sister S'swonn and everybody at Blaster Alley were arrested. The Imps stormed the place. Naadira Calos is safely in Hutt custody, there is no way that she could have pulled off the rescue or even be aware of anything outside of her rooms in Aruk's Palace on Nal Hutta. He says that Grand Moff Wilfurd Therbon himself met with Aruk the Great to discuss the surrender of the Crew. The Hutt told the truth that he could not meet their request, because he did not have the Crew. He promised to send his Bounty Hunters after these "fugitives", though Sias says Aruk has no intention of actually doing so. On the other hand, the Dashade Bounty Hunter Stonewall Logriss is in the wind, having apparently broken contract with the Besadii Clan.  Which is obviously not a good thing because of just how dangerous he is. Fast Tony Corellian wisely left Nar Shaddaa he is no stranger to this sort of thing. 

Sias gives them a case of one hundred thousand credits in untraceable chips and all the consumables that he brought aboard his Yacht. He bids them to lay low and hide for awhile. He also gives them a coded lexicon and fake Holonet dropbox to secretly contact him through, should the need arise.

The crew talked about their options after Sias left. Grandfather and Teri need to get at some of the salvage left on this world from the Clone Wars, to make adequate repairs to the ship. Talk of the Adasca Corporation being at the center of the problems lead them to want to explore Thyferra and find out more about Naadira Calos's employer. 



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