"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

To build a better Nar Shaddaa....

Sias Oppal
is free from his confinement and he is returned to his position as Chief of Lieutenants. The crew discovers however that all has not been well in their brief absence. The Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage has been infiltrated and a Slicer has caused all kinds of chaos in the main computer system. Anasha Kanaj is at her wits end, the damage to the business financially will likely ruin it.

Arden Jeht quickly discovers and recovers the security footage, revealing that Jantal let somebody inside the building after Anasha Kanaj went home. She would have to have access to the Administrative Password, but gaining such a thing would certainly be no great feat to somebody as crafty as the Devarronian Swoop Ganger. 

Darius Bel finds that Sister S'swonn has gone missing and that once again he is on the duty roster as a Medical Technician. Talking with the Ugnaughts that are friendly to the Twi'lek Priestess, Darius learns that she went to the Refugee Sector but that she was very sick. 

Aruk "the Great" personally stops by the Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage to show his appreciation to the crew and leave them with a token of his esteem and favor. A rare bottle of Jhantorian wine, very expensive. Aruk proclaims that Bixel Anderon is the only one of his Lieutenants that has his head screwed on straight recently. He declares before leaving that he will no longer permit himself to be surrounded by incompetence.

Bixel Anderon finds Jantal in her favorite hideaway above the old garage, below the main hangar. She overdosed on Death Sticks and strong alcohol, but barely clings to life somehow. Bix carries the woman to the Medical Bay, sprinting through the busy Motor Pool, knocking people out of his way. Arden Jeht finds Jantal's communicator, an archaic text-device. 

Darius Bel is able to locate Sister S'swonn in the maze of make-shift camps in the Refugee Sector. He takes her back to the Motor Pool and the crew hurriedly assembles the Bacta Tank that they acquired along their mission to Rhen Var. The Bothan Doctor Koolie is summoned by Sias Oppal and he and the crew's 2-1B Medical Droid see to the care of both Sister S'swonn and Jantal. The conversion of part of the facility has not gone unnoticed, Anasha Kanaj is furious that "her business" has been converted into a Hospital for a virulent contagion. After blaming all the shops current problems on Arden Jeht and scolding an unrepentant Bixel Anderon, she soon leaves.

Bixel Anderon befriends Teri the Ugnaught, a long time vehicle mechanic at the Motor Pool.  He gives him expensive Jhantorian wine that Aruk "the Great" left as a gift. Teri also gets to play with the new A208 Blaster Rifles that Sias Oppal sent over in appreciation for his release. It seems like it is the beginning on a beautiful relationship, or perhaps Bix is angling to have an emergency food supply on hand for when times get lean. 

Darius goes to Aruk's Cantina with the purpose of seeing Chapel in the Dungeons. The Rodian Swoop Gang Leader has been beaten severely but he still draws breath. Darius tries to get any information out of him, based on the fact that he was once her lover. Chapel agrees to help and begs for release from incarceration. Darius agrees to arrange for him to be let out under the condition that he helps the crew to find the Kubaz Slicer. Chapel receives a few Death Sticks to ease his withdrawal and suffering and he leaves to find out any information he can.

Golwoch approaches Bixel when the crew arrives back from their boss's cantina. The Quarren thug is willing to help Jantal, he has been around locally and knows a few people. Reluctantly Bixel shares all that he knows with Golwoch, after asking him to divulge his methods with which he plans to use. The Quarren is honest and says he will likely bust a few heads and find Jantal's drug dealer. Bix agrees to trust him with the matter because the crew is having difficulty in finding answers.

The crew goes to meet with Sias Oppal. The text-device found near Jantal implicates an unknown source for the betrayal of the Motor Pool. Jantal was being blackmailed with threats and images of a Devarronian child, in some instances being badly beaten. She is told to gain the Administative Passcodes and meet with a Kubaz Slicer to give him entry to the Main Office Computer Terminal Room. After she successfully completes her mission, she apparently felt horrible enough to try to kill herself with hard drugs and strong alcohol. Sias is visibly distressed and pledges that he supports the crew and that he would definitely like to meet the people that are hurting this child.

Salmeth Chejel gets a weird feeling when he is holding the old text-device and looking through the pictures of the child. He feels like he is in that room that is shown, but no one is present at all. He begins to doubt the truthfulness of the blackmail.

Golwoch returns with a local Changrian death-merchant. He throws the blue horn alien face first on the pavement and demands that he talks. The crew listens as he relates to selling his merchandise to Jantal and that he knew that she had been crying. He swears he told her not to use so much, but that she reassured him; that she was just stocking up before a long trip. He also says he knows about the Kubaz, because it had been following her around for quite awhile. Bixel makes a deal to get him some medical attention, if he tells where the Kubaz is located.

The crew sets out for a nearby warehouse building that has been re-purposed to be a watering hole and fine eatery. The address is an unpronounceable coded serial number and it is privately owned which is something of an oddity on Nar Shaddaa. They find the building has tight security which includes a patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers on the roof. After ringing the buzzer on the large security door, they are rudely greeted by a Security Droid. It scans them before allowing them access. The crew climbs up three flights of stairs and is greeted by a human security officer who bears obvious cybernetic enhancements. He checks their weapons and almost forbids them access after having found a small stun gun hidden away on Arden Jeht.

The inside of the club is filled with dancing Twi'lek slaves and almost entirely human patronage. Here the humans are waited on by aliens of various sorts and all sorts of illicit libations are consumed. Several Imperial Officers are present and are being given special attentions. This sort of thing is usually strictly forbidden for such enlisted men, but perhaps such restrictions are loosened in Hutt Space. Darius spots a Kubaz in the back of the place near the stairs talking with two Imperial Officers.

The dancers leave the stages and several slave-women are brought out to be auctioned to the crowd. The place apparently serves other more reprehensible appetites. The first girl, a Twi'lek is offered for a low price and due to Arden Jeht's urging; Grandfather purchases her, curiously for a fraction of what such a slave might actually be worth. Arden Jeht hopes to free the girl later, however the Kubaz gets up to leave with one of the Officers; a man wearing the colors of the Imperial Security Bureau. 

Salmeth bumps into the Kubaz on their way out; which warrants some rough handling and threats from the ISB officer. During the distraction Arden Jeht slips a tiny tracker on the Kubaz. The Slicer and the ISB Officer leave but the party follows.

Half the group heads back to base to get the ship (and Teri the Ugnaught) while the rest follow an Imperial Shuttle to the Imperial Sector on Nar Shaddaa. The Shuttle lands at the Imperial Garrison and the crew lands nearby in shopping complex dedicated to Imperial Corporations. They plot their next move, but they know that breaking into such a place may be too difficult for them. Thousands of Stormtroopers are posted here, it is the nexus of Imperial influence on Nar Shaddaa. 



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