Anthony Bel

Uncle of Darius Bel


Name: Anthony Bel, Species: Human (Corellian), Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 45, Height: 5’11",
Weight: 175 lbs, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown,
Skin Color: Tan, Homeworld: Corellia, (Core Worlds)
Alias: “Fast” Tony Corellian
Relations: Nephews (Darius, Janos)
Professional Occupation: Cartel Lieutenant
Distinguishing Features: Expensive Clothing, Imperial-Family Connections
Language Fluency: Basic, Huttese, Binary, Old Corellian ,
Residence(s): New Vertica City Penthouse, Corellian Real Estate
Financial Holdings: (Estimated 2-5 Million Credits); Corellian Corvette (Part-Ownership), Corellian Engineering Corporation Stockholder, Heavy Blaster Pistol, CommLink,


A long-time Lieutenant of the Besadii Hutt Cartel, Anthony Bel is loyal and well-trusted by his employers. “Fast Tony” is semi-legendary in the Smuggling Circles for his Kessel Run times, but he is retired now. His underlings are some of the craftiest smugglers in the Known Galaxy and Aruk the Great sees that they are well provided for.

Anthony spoke for his nephew Darius Bel to Arok the Smoking Hutt and arranged it so that his family member would have a place in the Cartel. After Aruk assumed power, he honored the contract, although he forbid Darius from working beneath his Uncle.

Character Image Credit:The Huffington Post

Anthony Bel

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