Aruk "the Great" Besadii

"A truly massive and ancient Hutt with leathery tan skin and golden eyes."


Name: Aruk Besadii, Species: Hutt, Gender: Hermaphrodite (Male),
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartels, Age: 900+, Height: (File Erased)
Weight: (File Erased), Hair: None, Eyes: Gold (with Black Slits),
Skin Color: Mottled Tan, Homeworld: Nal Hutta (Huttspace),
Alias: “the Great”, Relations: Son (Duga), Multiple Siblings, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces,
Professional Occupation: Crime Lord
Distinguishing Features: Besadii Tattoo, Immense Size
Language Fluency: Huttese (Data Corruption Detected)
Residence(s): Nal Hutta Palace (Hutt Space), Nar Shaddaa Cantina (Hutt Space), Ubrikkia Estate (Mid Rim), Bonadan Estate (Corporate Sector), Kor Besadii Palace (Hutt Space), (Read More? Y/N)
Financial Holdings: (Data Corruption Detected) MandalMotors Board of Directors, Mobquet Board of Directors, Ubrikkian Industries Board of Directors, N’Gant-Zarvel Stockholder, Hoersch-Keseel Stockholder, Planets, Property, Businesses, Sporting Arenas, Casinos, Warships, Slaves, Spice, Debts, Various Stocks, Precious Metals & Gems, Historical Artifacts, Illicit Contraband, Vehicles, Hutt Historical Library, Art Collection, Droids, Counterfeit Goods, Trade Goods, (Read More? Y/N)


Aruk “the Great” is the Kajidii of the Besadii Hutt Clan. The truly massive Aruk is believed to be over nine hundred years old, but lately his health has been failing. Perhaps the single most powerful Kajadii in the known Galaxy, “The Great Hutt of Our Time” is highly charismatic and something of a celebrity among his own kind. Aruk became Kajidii after the disappearance of his Father; Arok “the Smoking Hutt” in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. His transition to power has been mostly seamless and the wealth and prestige of the Besadii Clan has only increased during his short reign. While there have been whispers that Aruk was responsible for his father’s disappearance, no one is brave enough to make such accusations openly without proof.

He holds court within his self-named Aruk’s Cantina in the Red Sector of the Smuggler’s Moon: Nar Shaddaa. Aruk’s closest family includes his son Durga, who bears a strange dark blemish over his right eye and is unrecognized by the Hutt Council, his sisters Gardulla the Elder and Borga, his younger brother Zavaal, his nephews Gardulla the Younger, Zier and Kibbick and his niece and Decca. Aruk is often accompanied by his Hutt physician Grodo and rarely goes very far without the assistance of his custom-built Ubrikkian Floater.

Most of the Besadii Clan’s investments are in Slaves, and within the New Order of the Galactic Empire their profits have soared. Aruk discretely does business with the Thalassians and Zygerrians, while employing his own Trandoshans to help fill the ever-growing orders of his new clients. Though the Besadii are harsh rulers in every way, they do help to provide a very real sense of law and order to their domain within the Outer Rim Territories. Bounty Hunters offer justice without question to any who can afford it, and in its own way that helps to keep folks peaceful. The Hutt’s ideology of slavery gives safety and peace to many who would not otherwise have it. It has been the only way of life for countless generations. Perhaps Aruk the Great’s only weakness is his extreme arrogance and elitism. He openly mocks the other Kajidics for their weaknesses and what he sees as perversity. He sees the sexual attraction towards lesser bi-pedals and their rhythmic movements as shameful. The greatest Hutts of legend conquered the humans, ground their worlds to dust and used their broken people as beasts.

Aruk "the Great" Besadii

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