Darius Bel


Name: Darius Bel, Species: Human (Corellian), Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 23, Height: 6’,
Weight: 190 lbs, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown,
Skin Color: Tan, Homeworld: Corellia, (Core Worlds)
Alias: “D”
Relations: Uncle (Anthony), Brother (Janos), Father (Rein), Mother (Soulti)
Professional Occupation: Dockyard Security
Distinguishing Features: Long Scar on left side of his face, Tatoos on head and body.
Language Fluency: Basic, Huttese, Binary, Bocce, ,
Residence(s): (Flophouse above the Motor Pool),
Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great: 60,000 credits) (Security Pay Grade), Corellian Powersuit, Weapons and Explosivies. Part owner of the groups ship.

Human Soldier (Character Sheet)


Darius’s parents, Rein & Soulti Bel were seduced by the Dark Side early on. They helped lay the foundation for the new regime, and what would become the Empire. The promises of world order and peace lured them to pledge their lives to the cause. Rein had first-hand knowledge of an orderless life, and he wanted no part of it. His older brother, Anthony, was a smuggler for the Besadii Hutt Cartel. Rein’s hatred for his brother’s life with the Cartel fueled him to work hard for order. Therefore, it was no surprise when the Bels welcomed the Empire regime with open arms. Over their years of service, they traded in their youthful notions of peace for strict military control as they rose through the ranks.

Completely seduced by the Dark Side, both hold high ranks in the Imperial Navy. Rein is a Commander in the Imperial Fleet; his vicious, unforgiving reputation precedes him throughout the Corellian system. Soulti enjoys her work in the Imperial Security Bureau. Her expert military tactics and sheer determination get results, as does her willingness to use whatever means necessary. Soulti takes great pleasure in her work. The only tarnish on her impeccable record was one rumor that she was somehow involved in the Commander Bond scandal a few years ago. Of course she denies the rumor, but can neither confirm nor deny having knowledge of any of the facts. It was fortunate, however, that Rein was available to fill the hole left by Commander Bond in the wake of the scandal. It was most fortunate indeed.

The Bels raised 2 sons in the hopes that they would follow in their Imperial footsteps. Janos is the oldest, and Darius closely followed him in age but succeeded him in accomplishments. Imperial ideals have been instilled in the boys, as they were molded for military careers. Both sons entered the military academy as soon as they were of age. They were expected to work hard and climb the Imperial ladder to surpass their parents one day. Rein dared to dream that his first born son would claim the title of Admiral one day.

Soulti Bel gave birth to Janos out of a sense of duty to her husband to continue the Bel line. The Bels (as first time parents) expected their son, Janos to excel in everything without instruction. As such, he was a constant disappointment to them. Around his 7th birthday, the Bels gave in to the fact that Janos was barely average, especially concerning any academic pursuits. They relinquished hope and focused their efforts on more worthy projects at work. If they took notice of Janos after this point, it was to reprimand him or deal with some crisis that he was in trouble with the school authorities over.

Because of their disappointment in Janos, the Bels had put away their notions of raising the perfect son. They focused solely on advancing their military careers. The parents were naturally too busy to go to Darius’s first school conference. When a second conference was requested, they sent someone else to deal with whatever trouble Darius had gotten into. Imagine their shock when they found out that the meeting was to set Darius on track for the best military academy in Corellia- Raithal! The Raithal Academy was a place most cadets could only dream of going. From then on, the Bels treated Darius differently.

Darius was a natural in close combat and military tactics in school. He looked forward to graduating and advancing to the Raithal Academy. He didn’t mind his school’s academic work, but his heart was in planning military campaigns and close combat training. Darius barely noticed the progression of the school’s mission changing from protecting and serving to outright oppression. He didn’t agree with the anti-alien rhetoric, but he accepted the popular beliefs to keep the galaxy safe. As his graduation day approached, the constant propaganda about the inferiority of other species sickened him. He looked forward to graduating and setting off for the Raithal Academy even more.

Janos was always jealous of how well Darius did in the military school and how easily people accepted him. Janos was the exact opposite of Darius; he had struggled for average marks in school and had no friends. The Bels influence typically smoothed over any obstacles in Janos’ way. But even that could not open any doors to the prestigious Raithal Academy. Instead, the Bels helped Janos acquire an officer’s post in a town on a different planet.

The time away should have lessened Janos’s hatred for his little brother. But the constant reports of Darius’s achievements infuriated Janos. Darius finished in the top of his class and would leave for Raithal Academy in a week. Their father forced Janos to travel home for the ceremony. As Janos travelled back to Corellia, his hatred for his brother grew until it consumed him.

After the graduation ceremony, Darius, a few fellow cadets and his best friend since childhood, Smiona, headed to the cantina to celebrate. Darius and Smiona were very close and were always together- so much so that people mistook them for brother and sister. When the group entered the cantina Darius didn’t notice that his brother Janos was already there and quite drunk.

Janos had entered the cantina a few hours prior, in an attempt to forgot about Darius. He saw Darius and his friends enter the bar. The more Janos drank, the more he became fixated on his little brother. His anger grew with every laugh and every toast, from the group, until he could take it no more. He drunkenly approached Darius and made a scene. He swung at Darius, but it was easily avoided. Darius grabbed a hold of Janos and told him to go home and sleep it off. He then turned his back on Janos, which incensed Janos.

Janos drew his blaster and aimed it at Darius’s back. Smiona saw it and shot Janos in the arm before he could pull the trigger. The impact turned Janos and it went off- right in Smiona’s chest. She fell. Darius turned when he heard the 2nd blaster fire and, in a single blow, knocked Janos unconscious. Darius then turned to see who got shot. He was by Smiona’s side in an instant yelling for help.

Smiona was taken to the hospital. Darius stayed by her side, blaming himself for the trouble that Janos caused. Janos merely had a flesh wound while Smiona was hanging on by a thread. Doctors were able to stabilize the young women in surgery and Darius was assured that Smiona would recover in time. The day Smiona was to be discharged from the hospital, the police came. They arrested her for attempted murder of Officer Janos Bel.

Darius did everything he could to get the charges reversed. He went to his father to plead her case, only to find that Rein was the one that had her arrested. Furious but focused on helping Smiona, Darius went out in search of the best lawyer in the Capital.

Little did Darius know that while he was out, Smiona’s trial date was moved forward. Favors were cashed in, by the Bel parents, to kill the potential scandal between Janos and Darius. Smiona was tried, found guilty and executed in less than 2 hours. It fell on deaf ears when she pleaded with the court that she wounded Janos to save Darius. The fact that she fired on a Imperial Officer-Cadet sealed her doom.

When Darius was told of Smiona’s execution his world changed completely. Hearing the word “Imperial” from that day forward turned his stomach immediately. By the end of that week he decided to leave everything, his life and family and everything he had known, behind.

At first Darius was unsure where to go. His parents had cut off all ties to any family and rarely spoke of anyone related to them. The only family that he knew existed was his father’s brother. His uncle, Anthony, was deemed a disgrace long ago. Darius had met him a few times when he was younger. He remembered his uncle brought him some of the best toys, as a kid. That’s about all he remembered of his uncle. His parents used hushed tones when they spoke of him after they refused to see him, and never in a positive light. He remembered overhearing the words ‘criminal’ and ‘Nar Shaddaa’ over the years. He decided that since his parents would have nothing to do with the uncle, then the uncle probably would have nothing to do with them or Imperials. Taking a giant leap, Darius gathered every credit he had and fled Corellia.

It was hard searching for a man who didn’t want to be easily found. It didn’t help that Darius had little to go on other than some half-remembered whispered conversations between his parents. After months of searching Nar Shadda he managed to find his uncle, “Fast Tony Corellian” or as he knew him: Anthony Bel. It had been years since they saw each other, but his uncle recognized him almost immediately when the met. Darius explained his situation and asked for help. His uncle was elated to see that Darius had not turned out like Rein, and gladly took him in.

Darius lived with his uncle for several months. He carefully watched Anthony manage some of the craftiest smugglers in the galaxy. As a long-time Lieutenant for the Besadii Hutt Cartel, Anthony taught Darius a lot about this new world he was stepping into. When Anthony decided Darius was ready, he took Darius to meet Arok the Hut. Anthony wanted to be sure that Arok could see the value of having Darius work for him before he requested that his nephew be put under his employ.

Arok did not want the uncle and nephew to work together, lest they get the idea that they were so effective they could team up and turn on him. But he was persuaded that Darius could grow to be a valuable cartel member. Arok decreed that Darius would gain a contract with the Besadii Hutt Cartel, under the condition that the Bels would not live, nor work together. Anthony agreed immediately for the both of them, as he felt that Arok would be angered if any other answer were given. Darius packed up his meager belongings, and his uncle was sad to see him go, but pledged to stay in touch. His uncle is the only family that Darius continues to keep in touch with.

As an employee of the Besadii Hut Cartel, he has seen the worst of what Nar Shadaa has to offer. In the beginning, he was given small, odd jobs for the cartel, running packages around. As a new runner, he was jumped several times- all unsuccessfully. His close combat skills soon got him noticed and promoted quickly. Unfortunately his quick temper keeps him from further promotion. He is a part of a dockyard security team, at the Blaster Ally Motor Pool & Garage. It is a low level job but Darius has big dreams of paying off his debt to the Cartel and climbing the ranks to become a mercenary. He has seen the lifestyle that a bank full of credits offer and is willing to do what it takes to go where the big money is.

It was during this time that he met Ailyn Kel Natu. After work one night, on the way to the cantina, Darius encountered a local swoop gang roughing up a very young girl. He quickly stepped in to help the poor girl. Darius made little work of the degenerates. It wasn’t long before he was stepping across the three unconscious gangers. He approached the girl who, upon further examination, looked to be homeless. He asked why the gang was bothering her. She admitted she sliced their credits. The two have been friends ever since. He is one of the few people that she has told the truth about her past to. Ailyn proved to be very intelligent and has a natural skill with computers. Upon her request, he took her to the Hutts. She worked out a deal with the Hutts to keep her identity secret, and now lives above the same garage as Darius.

One day about a year ago, he received a very urgent message from his friend. Someone was following her through the streets and she couldn’t lose them. Darius dropped what he was doing and raced to help her.

He met up with Ailyn and her pursuer, an Iktotchi bounty hunter, who was practically on top of her and trying to force her to come with him. Darius took the Iktotchi completely by surprise during Ailyn’s struggle. He pushed the alien off Ailyn and slammed him against the dumpster. The Iktotchi’s blaster flew out of reach. The Iktotchi smiled and drew a blade, attacking Darius. The two were very closely matched. At one point Darius swore loudly “You’re not taking her back to her father!" The Iktochi was confused upon hearing this and dropped his guard. It was just the opportunity Darius needed to gain the upper hand. He landed a very solid blow to his the bounty hunter’s jaw and he crumpled in a heap. Darius and Ailyn returned to the safety of the garage.

A few days later Darius was in the cantina enjoying a few drinks. The bartender handed him a drink and pointed to a table muttering, "someone want to talk to you.” Darius turned and saw the Iktochi he rescued Ailyn from. Taking the drink he approached the table cautiously. The Iktochi introduced himself as Salmith Chejel and admitted that he was sorry for attempting to kidnap the girl. He named the large bounty for her, and quickly followed that up saying that he since changed his mind. He wanted nothing to do with a father who put a bounty on his own daughter’s head. He told Darius that he would be off world in a day or so, did not want any trouble, and had no plans on reporting seeing Ailyn.

It was fortunate for Salmith that he revealed himself to Darius in this way. A few months later he and a human, named Bixel, found themselves on the chopping block of Aruk the Hutt. Darius convinced his boss, Sias Opaal that the Iktochi would be worth more alive then dead. A deal was made and Salmith and his companion were sent to work in the garage to work off their newly found debt.

It has been 5 years since Darius started his contract with Arok the Hutt. Paying back the Cartel is two full-time jobs in itself. So even when he is not working, Darius is usually hanging around the garage tinkering with something or working to maintain his quick combat reflexes with drills and exercises.

Darius lives above the garage, in a small sparsely decorated room. The room’s primary decor is the multitude of weapons laying around or tacked on the walls (since space is at a minimum). The safe full of explosives by his bed is his nightstand.

To relax after work, he can usually be found enjoying himself at the local cantina. What ever funds Darius has left, he saves so that he can fulfill his plan of becoming a mercenary. It will cost him a fortune to get the right equipment for mercenary work. In the meantime, he focuses his time on working hard to earn trust and respect from the Cartel.

Bixel Anderon, the human previously on the Hutt’s chopping block with Salmith, approached him one day after his shift was over. He told Darius that he and a few others had been talking about buying a ship and earning some real credits, running jobs across the galaxy. It didn’t take Bix long to convince Darius to join the crew, and 20% share of the ship helped seal the deal. Darius proposed that they consider Arden Jeht (Ailyn’s new ailias) as a member of the crew, for her Slicing skills. Bixel chuckled and said she was already on the list. Darius and the crew (Ailyn, Bixel, Salmith and an old Baragwin by the name of Grandfather) gathered later that evening to go over particulars.

The next day Darius went to the Cartel to ask for a sizable loan. His contract was almost paid off, and the Besadii Hut Cartel was eager for him to be in debt to them longer. A loan was granted, with a much higher percentage rate than the original contract negotiated by his uncle. He didn’t care, however, as he imagined that he would be making more credits with Bix and the crew than he was at the garage.

It seemed his mercenary dream would soon become a reality. All he needed was the armor to complete the picture. But that kind of thing wasn’t something you just went to the corner store to pick up. To get it, Darius went to Grandfather. If you needed a specialty item, and price was no issue, Grandfather knew how to get it from all the right people. It took some time, but he came through for Darius and pieced together for him the best armor his credits could buy. It was assembled and Grandfather modified to fit Darius perfectly.

Darius couldn’t remember the last time he was this excited. The ship was purchased and the crew was assembled. Finally, he was going to see some real action and, even better, real credits! There is great opportunity for a man with his skill set, and he planed on taking full advantage of every opportunity out there. His future was looking bright, for a change. He and the crew celebrated their new venture at the cantina. He couldn’t help but pause to think about the last time he was celebrating in a bar- and how differently his life could have turned out if things had gone according to plan.

Character Image Credit: nuclearsnailstudios.deviantart.com

Darius Bel

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