Deputy Director Dakroy Natu

Ailyn Kel Natu's father & Imperial Loyalist


Name: Dakroy Natu, Species: Human, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Galactic Empire, Age: , Height: ?’?",
Weight: ?
lbs, Hair: ?, Eyes: ?,
Skin Color: ?, Homeworld: ?,
Alias: ???
Relations: Daughter (Arden Jeht), Wife (Deceased)
Professional Occupation: Military Bureaucrat
Distinguishing Features:
Language Fluency:
Financial Holdings:

Human male, mid-40s, hardened by years of intrigue and power plays. Devote loyalist to the Empire.


Dakroy Natu is a human from Coruscant. He came from an influential family that had secretly aligned with the Sith and backed Sheev Palpatine.

The Natu family were part of the secret organziation called the Ubiqtorate. The Ubiqtorate was in-part responsible for helping Palpatine take over control of the Republic and form the Empire.

Dakroy joined the Senate Intelligence Agency (later called Imperial Intelligence) and quickly gained rank within the Analysis Bureau. Specifically, he oversaw the Media division which required gathering information from news outlets such as the holonet.

In order to continue his advancement, he courted a rising star reporter on the holonet, Shaydani Kel. The two were married and with Natu’s influence, Shaydani position rose within the Galactic Republic’s HoloNet News organization. This gave Dakroy access to vast amounts of information.

Dakroy and Shaydani had one child, Ailyn Kel Natu, in 29 BBY.

In 22 BBY, Ailyn was kidnapped by the Separatists. This placed a strain on his relationship with Shaydani, as she was desperate to get her child back.

In 19 BBY, shortly after the Empire was formed, Dakroy had his wife arrested (by Bix) and without a trial, executed her for treason.

Immediately after Shaydani’s execution, he was promoted to Deputy Director of the Analysis Division of the Imperial Intelligence. He put out a bounty on his daughter’s head in order to have her returned to him. At that time, it is unknown if he also wanted her killed or to see if he could salvage the investment in her and have her align with the Imperial machine.

However, after discovering that Ailyn was purposefully staying away and attempting to hijack the holoNet relays to broadcast alternative news feeds, he had her labeled a HoloNet Terrorist and the bounty increased in size.

Salmith Chejel picked up the bounty and discovered Ailyn in Hutt space but was unable (as of yet) to bring Ailyn back to her father.

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Deputy Director Dakroy Natu

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