"Clad in a bulky space suit, the Baragwin is hideously burned and has numerous blaster wounds."


Name: Grandfather, Species: Baragwin, Gender: Male,
Political Affiliation: Hutt Cartel, Age: 85, Height: 6’5",
Weight: 345 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: Yellow,
Skin Color: Mottled Tan (Dark), Homeworld: Denuhi VIII (Expansion Region),
Alias: “Grandfather” is an Alias, A.k.a. “Popadoc”, “Dumpa”
Relations: Unknown (Never Returned to Denuhi VIII),
Professional Occupation: Mechanical Specialist
Distinguishing Features: Hulking Space-suit, Blaster Wounds, Radiation Burns,
Language Fluency: Basic, Baragwinian, Huttese, Binary, Bocce, Durese, Mando’a, High Galactic, Tionese,
Residence(s): (Flophouse above the Motor Pool),
Financial Holdings: (Indebted to Aruk the Great: 70,000 credits) (Specialist Pay Grade), Armored Space-Suit, Heavy Jetpack, Tools, Workshop, Weapons

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Grandfather is an old Baragwin Gunrunner with a sorted history and the poor luck of backing the losing side. He was born and raised on Denuhi VIII; in the Expansion Region. Time has seemingly forgotten his birth-name, more than 60 years ago he finished his mechanical apprenticeship. The skills and precision of his people would remain with him throughout his life, even though he has never returned to his Homeworld.

His criminal career began 45 years ago, during the Mandalorian Civil War. Grandfather supplied weapons to Death Watch, and in the aftermath of the fighting he was imprisoned by the Galactic Republic on Ord Mantell for ten years. He was granted a sort of work-release wherein he worked at an Ore-Processing Plant. Life among the inmates was still rough, however he took to Prison like it was Criminal College.

During the Stark Hyperspace War Grandfather supplied weapons to the Stark Commercial Combine, and in the aftermath of the fighting he was imprisoned by the Republic on Coruscant for fifteen years. His time spent here was full of plotting and scheming. Learning the ins and outs of the Galactic Criminal Underworld. Here they start calling him “Father”, or “Pop Pop” in deference to his time-served and knowledge of weapon-smithing.

During the Clone Wars, Grandfather supplied weapons to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and in the aftermath of the fighting he finally got wise and escaped to Hutt Space. Grandfather narrowly avoided apprehension at the hands of the Clone-troopers, and he was luckily considered to be among the dead after a Raid on Skakoa. Left without options he resigned himself and took shelter with the Besadii Clan in Hutt Space.

Grandfather came into bad habits such as fast women, drinking, gambling and drugs. He has worked for every sort of criminal, villain and miscreant, playing no favorites among the syndicates. He specializes in the creation, modification and repair of Blasters. He knows every trick in the book and despite the rough appearance of his work, he is considered a true artist in the field of firepower. His fast-life came to an end when he wound up deeply indebted to Aruk the Great. Grandfather could have been sent off to the Spice-Mines of Kessel, but fortunately his age and skill-set caused the Hutt to reconsider and put the old Baragwin to work at Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage.

Grandfather has a friendly attitude and it is known that his species can read the mood of others through their natural abilities to detect pheromones and subtle differences in body temperature. He is completely amoral and neutral in the sense that he doesn’t hold grudges and will agree to work with anyone regardless of their reputation. Some might mistake him for being forgiving, when truthfully he is just greedy. Grandfather has been in some pretty sorted company and he bears the Galactic Empire no ill will despite their responsibility for many recent atrocities. He lacks a certain amount of empathy and Baragwin humor can be almost as grotesque as a Humans.

Grandfather is a student of Galactic warfare and has survived countless gun battles, exposure to radiation and harsh prison sentences. He may have lost a step or two, but he is tough old lizard. He has a deep respect for humans and considers them to be the most nefarious and fearsome of the Galaxy’s species. Many Baragwin work for Imperial Munitions Corporation and despite the vicious anti-alien propaganda, some make a good living.


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