"The Dark Times" Star Wars Saga Edition Campaign

Any Way You Slice It...

Arden Jeht's tracking device that she secretly placed on the Kubaz Slicer, starts acting up while the group is outside the Imperial Garrison on Nar Shaddaa. At first she thought it was interference, however she soon realizes that it is relaying code in Binary. The Kubaz apparently is in need of rescue and with the code he claims that he is being taken to the legendary Imperial Prison World of Agon Nine. 

The crew needs to attack swiftly if they are going to catch the Imperial Theta Class Shuttle before it makes its way into Hyperspace. Bixel Anderon fires up the engines and tails the Shuttle across the Smuggler's Moon and into low Orbit. When the Shuttle is the furthest it can possibly be from reinforcements, the crew attacks. They make short work of the Shuttle, ionizing it and then shooting down its TIE Fighter escort. 

Boarding the Imperial Vessel turns into a nightmarish gun-battle. Grandfather charges into the room with his Blaster Cannon, but gets shot up pretty badly in the process. The crew eliminates all the Stormtroopers and then works to free all the prisoners aboard, which include three Wookies in addition to the Kubaz Slicer.

With no time to spare the crew exits to Hyperspace after blowing up the drifting shuttle. The Imperial reinforcements did not make it in time to stop the prisoner-escape. In route to Lantillies, the crew begin to interrogate the Slicer. Within moments the tone becomes very threatening and soon Bixel Anderon hauls the Kubaz into the air-lock. Left without options he talks and promises to tell the crew everything he knows.

The Kubaz has been working for the Adasca Bio-Mechanical Corporation which is based out of the world Thyferra. This corporation is the employer of Naadira Calos and since her arrest, they have stepped up their efforts to see her released. The Slicer was hired months ago to reap financial ruin on the Besadii Clan, though recently the work became more frequent and well-paying. After conning Jantel, which was easy because she is addicted to Death Sticks, he was on his way to meet his Adasca Corporation contact at the Coded Imperial Club. He was suddenly arrested by an Imperial Security Bureau agent, for all his warrants. He had been to the Club previously on a number of occasions and did not expect to be in danger there. The Kubaz admits to dealing damage to a number of institutions belonging directly or indirectly to the Besadii Hutt Cartel. He claims none of it was personal and wants to be released.  

Grandfather and Teri the Ugnaught get to work, fixing the ship and removing the obvious recent blaster damage. The old Baragwin is still badly injured from the gun battle with the stormtroopers but he refuses to stay down.

The crew talks to the Wookies, though it is obvious by their physique and scars that they are freedom fighters. The Wookies explain that they are part of a resistance movement located on Kashyyyk; which is now an Imperial Occupied World. Their people have lost their seat in the Senate, have been found to be conspirators with the heretical Jedi traitors and finally declared to none sentient species. The predation upon their world is horrific. This news is a little hard for Salmeth Chejel to believe, but his naive perception of the nature Galactic Empire is soon to be tested.

The crew agrees to run the Imperial Blockade and return the Wookies to their homeworld. The agreed upon sum was 35,000 credits. The jump from Lantillies to Kashyyyk is a short one. The system is no longer a war zone and is now quite tame, warranting only a single Imperial Frigate. The crew drifts into system with their systems powered down and when they are in an advantageous position they power up the ship and head down to the surface. The resistance fighters point out a continental mass to land at, and the crew is soon greeted by a dozen Wookie Commandos that appear from the forest to challenge them. The Wookie reunion is touching and Bixel Anderon decides to leave the world without accepting payment, which might just be as well, because it is doubtful that these Rebels could afford the fee. 

Arden Jeht talks to the nameless Twi'lek Slave that Grandfather purchased on Nar Shaddaa. She tries to express that the crew means her no harm and will not treat her poorly. The young Arden quickly discovers that this woman was raised in captivity and bred to be a servant. Her "programming" is much different and it will take a great deal of time to break down her "defensive barriers" and "sub-routines". There truly is no place to bring the woman, which would provide her safety. The crew cannot even afford their own costs. 

When the crew returns home they immediately notice that an Imperial Star Destroyer is orbiting the Smuggler's Moon. It is strategically placed near the TIE Fighter Orbital Manufacturing Facility and the Imperial Garrison below.

After another close brush with TIE fighters the crew heads back to Nar Shaddaa. Sister S'swonn is in recovery in her room. The Bothan Doctor Cooley treated her sickness and has pronounced her free of any contagion. She is resting in her quarters, though the Doctor warns Darius Bel that the Nexu Xim likely has ticks. Doctor Cooley says that he is not a Veterinarian and besides Xim probably views him as food.  

Apparently the Bothan was involved in an altercation at the local Bar and he killed two Swoop Gangers with a Sub-repeater for attempting to rob him for drugs. The local Hutt Cartel Security found the entire incident hilarious, and of course elected to do nothing. 

Jantel is woken from her coma and she is obviously in much better health than before the overdose. The crew tries to explain to her that the Kubaz blackmailed her and that she had no sister. The Devarronian is resistant and she believes that she has a sister, but eventually the crew is able to convince it was all a ruse, just to get the Slicer into Blaster Alley. Jantel is rude to her "saviors" and generally thankless for all their efforts.

Sias Oppal instructs the crew to bring Jantel in to the Casino. She will be placed under arrest. The crew also gives over the Kubaz Slicer, who the Hutts will doubtlessly treat with severe prejudice. Sias Oppal informs the crew their recent exploits contributed to the arrival of Imperial reinforcements. Another Legion is being assigned to Nar Shaddaa. He has a bad feeling about the news of Naadira Calos's secret employer the Adasca Corporation, though he doesn't have enough to act upon yet. 

Bixel Anderon asks if any assignment will take the crew past Coruscant. Sias Oppal suggests the crew look into the Corusca Gems that are supposedly housed in the Museums near the Imperial Palace. Doubtlessly this will be a very highly dangerous assignment, without any promise of return. The crew will consider the best course of action and get back to him. 



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