Blaster Alley

The Blaster Alley Motor Pool & Garage
(BAMP&G) is a working front for the Besadii Hutt Clan located on the Southern Outskirts of New Vertica City. It is open for business 87 hours a day, 413 days per year. Its name comes from the infamous alleyway where countless gangland hits have taken place throughout the years. The massive structure is weather-beaten, but can accommodate several massive vehicles with its tractor beams, repulsor fields and clamps. Below the towering shipyard are hangars for a fleet of taxis and shuttles and a large bone-yard of old vehicles. 

On the official record it is a business conglomerate offering shuttle and tug service, freight hauling service, dry dock, hangars, warehouses and a repair and modification shop that serves Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta and the Bootana Hutta Sector. Typically the shop works on Droids, Computers, Hyper-drives, Engines, Speeders, Swoops and Starships from repeat local clientele and occasionally from desperate spacers without anywhere else to turn. Dozens of vehicles are being worked on at any one time and the Hutts have plenty which need repairs; so the work is never over. The prices are affordable otherwise Blaster Alley could not possibly stay in business, as paying clients would simply go elsewhere. The competition on Nar Shaddaa is fierce and on the other side of New Vertica City is a rival outfit and a front of the Desilijic Hutt Clan called Galactic Standard Motor Pool & Garage (GSMP&G). Intra-Clan Violence is discouraged however there have been a number of provocations and suspicious competitive practices.

The Hutts pay fair wages to those in their direct service and there are living spaces above the old hangar that are rented by the "employees". There is easy access to vehicle parking, food, water, hygiene, fuel, medicine, a doctor as well as illicit drugs, alcohol etc. It seems that the Hutts are getting your credits no matter what you do.       

(Hutt Script- Per Hour/Per 60  Hour Period)
Livery Pilot (14cr/840cr)
Dockyard Security (15cr/900cr)
Freighter Crew (16cr/960cr)
Dockyard Mechanic (18cr/1080cr)
Freighter Pilot (20cr/1200cr)
Medical Staff (22cr/1320cr)
Computer Technician (24cr/1440cr)
Specialist (25cr/1500cr)
Chief Mechanic (30cr/1800cr)
Business Manager (35cr/2100cr)

(Hutt Script)
(Per 261 Hour Period)
Atmosphere- 150cr
Power- 120cr
Room Rental-175cr
Food- 100cr
Water- 250cr
Hygiene- 50cr
Locker- 10cr
Covered Parking- 250cr
Entertainment- 70cr
Security- 75cr
Total: 1,250cr (Approx.)

(on location)
TT-8L/Y7 Gatekeeper Droid (x1)
CZ-Series Business Droid (x1)
EV-9D3 Supervisor Droid (x1)
M4-Series Messenger Droid (x4)
2-1B Medical Droid (x1)
R2-Series Astromech Droid (x1)
R4-Series Astromech Droid (x2)
AD-Series Armorer Droid (x1)
MR-LE3-Series Repair Droid (x1)*
ASP-Series Labor Droid (x4)
EG-6 Power Droid (x10)
CLL-6 Binary Load Lifter Droid (x2)


Blaster Alley

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