Planet Name Jhantoria
Region: Outer Rim Territories,
Sector: Allied Tion (Tion Cluster)
System: Jhantoria, Suns: 1
Orbital Position: 3, Moons: 1
Trade Routes: Perlemian Trade Route
Rotation Period: 25 hours
Orbital Period: 342 days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 10,900 km (approximately)
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I, Breathable (Humid)
Primary Terrain: Jungle, Mountain
Points of Interest: Jhantor City Starport
Immigrated Species: Human (Barsegi, Cronese, Tionese), Ithorian, Rodian, Near-Human, Cathar, Togrota, etc
Primary Language: Tionese (and Galactic Basic)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Law Enforcement: Jhantor City Port Authority
Population: 1,500,000 (approximately)
Major Cities: Jhantor City
Major Imports: Technology
Major Exports: Alcohol, Food, Medicine
Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Jhantoria is a little known world covered in dense jungle, salt oceans and barren mountain chains. Its sun is very large and hot, giving the planet an uncomfortable year-round humidity. Jhantoria has two rain seasons and it is most comfortable at the polar regions. Much of the landscape is completely unexplored and the planet is memorable only for its numerous wine orchards and beautiful flora. There are no known native sentient species and no sign of previous inhabitation by ancient societies. The Tionese have used the world sparingly because of its formidable terrain and uncomfortable climate.

Jhantoria has largely remained neutral in Galactic politics. During the recent Clone Wars, Jhantoria was unaffected by the fighting. Though many other planets in the neighboring Sectors declared for the Confederacy; the vintners and chemists of Jhantoria kept their heads down and chose to ignore the plight of the Galaxy at large. Still Jhantorian Wine isn't popular in the high society of the Core-Worlds as it once was. Along with many other Tionese products; the Separatist brands are tainted and have worn out their welcome with the Galactic Elite.

Jhantor City Starport is located near the planet's northern pole and is surrounded by orchards and cultivated fields. The jungles grow at a peculiar rate on Jhantoria and great efforts are conducted after the rainy seasons to defoliate the outskirts to keep the city free of vines, weeds and roots trying to take hold. Most native Jhantorian humans have tanned or dark skin as a result of constant exposure to the large sun. 


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