Rhen Var


Planet Name Rhen Var
Region: Outer Rim Territories,
Sector: Thanium Worlds (Tion Cluster)
System: Tobali, Suns: 1
Orbital Position: 1, Moons: 0
Trade Routes: Perlemian Trade Route
Rotation Period: 18 hours
Orbital Period: 563 days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 9,400 km (approximately)
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I, Breathable (Frozen Temperatures)
Primary Terrain: Glaciers, Mountains
Points of Interest: Imperial Listening Post
Immigrated Species: None (Human Transients)
Primary Language: None (Basic Transients)
Government: None
Law Enforcement: None
Population: <100
Major Cities: Ancient Citadel Ruins, Ancient Harbor Ruins
Major Imports: None
Major Exports: None
Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Rhen Vhar is an isolated planet off of the Perlemian Trade Route which is infrequently visited by Imperial Patrol and Supply Ships. The Galactic Empire uses the world as Listening Post and as a training ground for the Snowtroopers of the 12th Oversector Army, though their presence is small in force and number. Assignment to Rhen Var is seen as a punishment by those posted here. The conditions are brutal and create all sorts of problems for those unfortunate enough to have to live and fight in them.

The ice world is also visited rarely by treasure hunters, historians and exiles. Rhen Var is dotted by ancient ruins and toppled structures. Legend says an ancient civilization once thrived here and that the planet was not always cold and covered in ice. During the Clone Wars a few battles were fought over the strategically insignificant planet and scattered wrecks of vehicles are still here; frozen in time. Bases of the two militaries are buried under layers of frozen ice and snow. Scavengers have a rough time profiting on Rhen Var as the conditions often ruin their prizes.

The few hermits who call this desolate planet their home can be found inside of the ruins. Life on Rhen Var is exceptionally harsh. Food and fuel are not in easy supply and the weather and temperatures are lethal. Rhen Var has valuable gem deposits however mining operations often fail due to the hostile conditions. The planet guards its riches and secrets well, it has been abandoned completely by sentient life
on a number of occasions.   

Rhen Var

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