Planet Name Socorro
Region: Outer Rim Territories,
Sector: Kibilini
System: Sokor, Suns: 1
Orbital Position: 1, Moons: 0
Trade Routes: Llanic Spice Run
Rotation Period: 20 hours
Orbital Period: 326 days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,200 km (approximately)
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I, Breathable (Arid)
Primary Terrain: Desert, Volcanic Regions
Points of Interest: Soco-Jarel Spaceport, Judges of the Dead (rock formation),
Immigrated Species: Human, Near Human, Trandoshan, Arconan, Barabel, Twi'lek, Gran, Devaronian, Zeltron, Sullustan, Duros, etc  
Primary Language: Socorro
Government: Tribal Chieftains, Organized Crime
Law Enforcement: Tribal Warriors, Syndicate Enforcers
Population: 300,000,000 (unconfirmed)
Major Cities: Yakeyya (Capital), Cjaalysce'l
Major Imports: Metals, Technology
Major Exports: Water
Affiliation: Pirate Groups, Crime Syndicates, Spice Merchants

Socorro is a rough and arid planet in the Outer Rim Territories that has a reputation for being a haven to Smugglers and Pirates. Sokar; the giant red sun dominates the sky and bakes the entire planet, making it uncomfortably hot during the day. Nearly three quarters of the surface is covered with the Doaba Badlands, a region of hard volcanic ash. Its deserts are composed of a distinct black sand and the name "Socorro" means "scorched ground" in the Old Corellian language. Vast natural underground basements of water make the planet somewhat more hospitable. Some of these waters are rumored to have extraordinary healing properties, though the truth of such things has a strange way of being manipulated on Socorro.

Most of Socorro's people are nomadic and live within primitive tribes. These are the descendants of the Corellian Pioneers who came to Socorro a few millennia ago. Sometimes the natives can be dangerous and generally it is considered safer to remain within one the cities that are protected by the criminal syndicates. Scum from all across the Galaxy make Socorro their home and the Socorran language and accent is almost like the official Pirate language in the Galaxy. Popular culture and holo-vids romanticize the silver tongued Socorrans and their dusky tone.

M'onnok are dangerous semi-sentient predators, capable of crafting basic tools and weapons, that live and hunt in the mountains and badlands. They are not believed to have their own language and most often they are encountered as solitary individuals. M'onnoks are respected by the natives of Socorro as being extremely proficient hunters. Socorro is also home to fearsome aquatic Tra'cor (a cousin of the Rancor), as well as deadly swarms of flesh-biting insects called Chiru. Socorro can be extremely difficult to survive without the proper equipment and local support.


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