The Wheel

Space Station Name The Wheel
Region: Mid Rim,
Sector: Maldrood
System: Besh Gorgon, Suns: 1
Trade Routes: Perlemian Trade Route
Class: Habitat (Entertainment Resort)
Gravity: Standard (Artificially Generated)
Atmosphere: Type I, Breathable (Artificially Generated)
Primary Terrain: Urban (Luxury Space Station)
Points of Interest: Golden Star Casino, Crimson Casino, Gladiator Arena, Toran's Resort, The Wheel Hospital
Immigrated Species: Human, Near Human, Twi'lek, Devarronian,  etc
Primary Language: Galactic Basic (and High Galactic)
Government: Imperial Law Exclusion Zone, Corporate Diktat
Law Enforcement: The Wheel Security Force
Population: 40,000 (10,000 Crew/Staff)
Affiliation: Owned by private interests (majority Simon Greyshade)

The Wheel is a famous casino and luxury resort space station that is located in a special Legal Exclusionary Zone outside of Imperial Jurisdiction. The Administrator Simon Greyshade funds the Imperial war machine; and before his "retirement" he was Senator of Vorzyd Sector in the Outer Rim Territories. The Wheel has made Administrator Greyshade and his associates a fortune, the legal exemption makes it the most popular resort in the Galaxy. To enter the Casino-levels one must place 10,000 credits as collateral and present themselves as a well-dressed member of their own species. Scruffy looking fringers are not wanted by the Guests and so their entry is banned.

The Wheel is renowned for many things. Excellent shopping in a multitude of shops and galleries. Gambling in countless games or gladiatorial contests. The cuisine of a thousand different worlds. Fresh live music from new acts and famous bands. Entertainment of all sorts: holo-arcades, drugs, sex, etc. The Wheel is expensive, but also highly secure, the Wheel Security Force is heavily armed and armored. They are on hand to help guests transport their winnings safely back to their vessels.

The Space Station is defended by ten System Patrol Craft, in addition Imperial reinforcements are often on hand, right outside the exclusionary zone. The Imperials have a dock on the lower levels of the Station, for use in the case of emergencies. The current administration seems to favor the human-centric values of the New Order and the Wheel is no longer as welcoming to non-humans as it once was. It is a place of sin, corruption and dangerously high stakes. For the wealthiest in the Galaxy it is their playground and inside they make the rules.  

The Wheel

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