Randoni Caper

(20BBY) 5 years ago… in the Vorzyd Region of the Outer Rim Territories: The Sector Ranger Detective Bixel Anderon apprehends "Grandfather" the Baragwin Gunrunner on the planet Columex during a botched arms sale with Randoni buyers who never showed.  The arrest is completely peaceful and polite, the Baragwin does not resist and Detective Anderon secures the Reptilian in Grade-III Manacles. 

That is when everything went to shit. The Tenloss Corporation resented the Baragwin being apprehended (concerned that he'd squeal on them being the Supplier) and so they tailed Detective Anderson's Ranger Scout-Vehicle (which was supposed to have a Co-Pilot). Eager to close any potential loop-holes they attacked during Suspect-Transit, having been given the Detective's route by means of corrupt Dispatchers and turn-coat Sector-Rangers.

It would have been death for any other two individuals. "Bix" and "Grandfather" survived and absconded with a civilian starship, after the Ranger Vehicle was chewed to shreds.  As the world was exploding around them the Ranger un-cuffs the Gunrunner, Under fire from Star-fighters, they bobbed, weaved and fought back with ramming-techniques, maneuvering traps and superior gunnery with under-powered weaponry.

During the chase, a 20 vehicle pile-up happens, earning Detective Bixel the hated monicker "Crash". While the accident wasn't exactly his fault, the Rangers couldn't resist pinning it on him anyway. 

The two connect instinctively, despite their seemingly opposite backgrounds.  When outnumbered and outgunned they relied upon one-another without question. Their team-work saved their lives, and so the Detective testified for the character of defendant during trial and assisted in getting the Baragwin a lighter sentence.

The Tenloss Corporation lost several million credits worth of merchandise which was confiscated by the Columexi Planetary Authorities. Grandfather was sentenced to 5 years of Hard Labor, but after litigation: ended up serving 2 and half at an Rehabilitation facility on Alderaan.  


Randoni Caper

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